Among the tit family, the bird stands out brightly Tufted tit (white – Chubataya sinitsa), also known as Grenadier. It is quite easy to recognize this bird; as the name implies, it is distinguished by its noticeable black and white crest.

Grenderk bird

In Belarus it is found in almost all regions; the preferred habitats are coniferous, pine and spruce forests. Quite often it gathers in small flocks with kinglets or other titmice.

Chubby tit photo

The size of Lophophanes cristatus is comparable to that of another tit - blue tit and on average vary from 12 to 14 centimeters. The diet is also quite typical for tits: various insects in spring and summer, and in autumn and winter - switching to seeds and feeders.

Tufted tit

The Tufted Tit has a light brown belly, the top is darker, the legs and beak are almost black. There are black lines on the cheeks, and the bird's head itself is white with shades of gray.

Birds of Belarus

Grenadiers can give birth to offspring twice in a year, which is interesting; unlike other small birds, these birds often hollow out their own nest or hollow. It is easiest to hear the Tufted Titmouse singing in early spring.

Lophophanes cristatus

Males differ from females mainly in the size of the crest and the richness of the lines on the cheeks; distinguishing them from afar will be problematic.

Chubata (crested) tit

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