A couple of kilometers from Novogrudok is mystical manor-museum Litovka. This unusual place with fantasy shades appeared around 2015. The person who built and managed this project - Sergei Koval. With him, anyone could visit this place absolutely free of charge, the owner basically did not take money for entry.

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Sergei also arranged a reservoir and a beach next to the estate. In addition, parking and a stop were made (which in itself is a separate exhibit).

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New compositions constantly appeared in Litovka, which surprised the guests of the museum. Perhaps this alignment of affairs did not suit someone. Therefore, due to numerous complaints, in 2018 the estate-museum was closed for some time.

Museum Litovka


What were they complaining about? On the territory of the estate there are figures and exhibits of various mythical and even diabolical characters. Probably there were opponents of such a museum, which, in their opinion, promoted Satanism (?)

Exhibits in Litovka

In early January 2019, Sergei Koval passed away. Despite the sad event, in the summer of the same year, Litovka reopened its doors, though changing the format. Now there is a work schedule (from 11:00 to 21:00) and a small fee of 5 rubles.

Museum Litovka

On the territory of the museum you can see a lot of interesting things. It can be seen that the owner was fond of fantasy and was probably connoisseurs universe of Tolkien - The Lord of the Rings. Many objects and buildings are somehow connected with the dwarves. There is even a whole house, which is called that - Gnome's house.

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Deserves special attentiondevil's comfort room“. Here you will see all those satanic symbols and figures that so worried the complainers.

Scary room in Litovka

Museum Litovka

In the main house there is a room dedicated to the work of Vysotsky and some other themed rooms.

Museum in Litovka

Phones Litovka

In summer, a small bar is open, which is made in the style of Steampunk.



Litovka in Novogrudok district

Walking around Litovka, you admire the variety of motives and the quality of work. V Belarus there are very few places where you can see this level of craftsmanship.

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Despite all the difficulties, the museum in Litovka continues to work. Therefore, if you are in the Novogrudok district, take note.

Not far from this estate, in the agricultural town of Vselyub, there is one of the oldest churches in Belarus - Saint Casimirbuilt in the first half of the 15th century.



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