old place Lebedevo known in history since 1387. In the second half of the 15th century, when these lands belonged to the princes of Golshansky, the first wooden church was apparently built. Under the Radziwills (late 17th century), a Calvinist collection was built on the same site, which became a parish church during the period of active counter-reformation. At the beginning of the 19th century, the stone temple was destroyed, but unfortunately it is unknown due to what events. In 1847, a wooden Church of the Virgin Mary, old photographs of which have survived to this day. The successor of all these temples became Church of the Most Serene Heart of Jesus, in the photo below.

Church in Lebedevo

This temple was built in 2010, but the location chosen for construction was not entirely authentic; the old temple stood behind the pharmacy building.

Lost heritage - a church in the agricultural town of Lebedevo

The same angle, but 100 years ago. On the left you can see a wooden bell tower, in the center - a fence and the church itself.

Old photo of the agricultural town of Lebedevo

The only reminder and confirmation that the place is “correct” is the ancient gravestone, which was located just behind the temple building.

Where was the church in Lebedevo

The place where there was a church in the village of Lebedevo
Approximately at this place stood the Church of the Virgin Mary in 1847

The gravestone belongs to Tsipriyan Tsyvinsky, one of the last owners of the estate in Lebedevo. Previously, next door there was another tombstone - that of the Trinitarian monk Syankiewicz.

Lebedevo ancient grave


The wooden temple burned down in 1938; at that time it was impossible to restore it. For some time the functions of the Catholic parish began to be performed by neo-gothic chapel at Lebedevsky cemetery.

Church of the Heart of Jesus in Lebedevo

In the center of the agricultural town there is a boulder with a reminder to local residents and visitors that Lebedevo was founded more than 600 years ago. Behind the administration building you can also look at the Trinity Church from 1869.

Lebedzeva Belarus

Below is a point with the place where the wooden church stood:

If you are in these parts, I recommend stopping by Benitsa, where the massive Church of the Holy Trinity.

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