September XNUMXnd at Lida back LIDBEER. This year, one of the largest festivals will be free and will be held under the slogan "festival of festivals", combining music, fireworks and dozens of entertainment in an open-air show. Rave at the walls Lida Castle, a huge food court and the romance of a night at the campsite. We reveal the full program of the 2023 festival and explain why this weekend all Belarus going to Lida.

Ten reasons to visit LIDBEER 2023 this coming Saturday

1) Eight hours of continuous music on three stages

For the first time, three stages will be open at the festival, from which music of various genres will sound - from rock to folk. The headliner will be the Classic Energy Symphony Orchestra, known for its poignant arrangements of System of a Down and Metallica tracks. Fans of electronic music will enjoy 7 DJ sets near the walls of the Lida Castle, and Belarusian dances and tunes can be learned near the stage near the House of Trade.

How was the festival "Our Grunwald" 2023 in Dudutki
Gurt “Woka Charota”

2) Giant food court

The food festival will attract many restaurants from all over Belarus to Lida. In addition to burgers, hot dogs, bowls, kebabs or falafels, which are mandatory for summer food courts, there will be many items from the cuisine of Belarus on the menu. Famous Mediterranean and Pan-Asian restaurants, as well as establishments specializing in healthy food or dishes for vegetarians and vegans will open in Lida for just one day. Among the participants: "Stolle", "Shaleny Knyr", "Bulba IN DA HOUSE", "MC Döner", "33 Penguins" and many others.

3) Extreme Park

Outdoor enthusiasts will be able to conquer the 8-meter DYNAMI:T climbing wall, test their intuition during the Pepsi Challenge, set a personal best on a balance board, test flexibility during a game of limbo, join a freestyle football master class or lessons in " difficult yoga. You can restore your strength after dancing or sports in one of the chill zones from AURA or CRAZY CRUSH.

4) Open-air registry office

It is customary to get acquainted at city holidays, but in the case of LIDBEER 2023, get married right away! You can say “yes” and consolidate your relationship to the march of Mendelssohn at the festival registry office. And take memorable photos in one of the creative photo zones.

5) Mind games

The BOHÉMSKÝ LEV and Hobby Games platform with dozens of board games will become a meeting place for board and puzzle lovers. In addition, points with Jenga, Sea Battle and other activities will appear throughout the festival. Participants of the quest, which will cover most of the city, will be able to learn more about Lida and receive gifts from Lida Pier for this. You can join alone or with a team of like-minded people.

6) Free excursions to the Lida Brovar Museum

On the tour, guests will learn about factory history, where they have been brewing beer since 1876, and will also strengthen their knowledge about brewing through interactive activities and games. Guests will be received with tickets, which will be issued in advance on a first-come, first-served basis (one ticket per person) according to the schedule: 9:30, 11:00, 13:00, 15:00, 17:00. Museum address: Lida, st. Mitskevich, 32.

Museum of Lida Brovar opens in Lida

7) Exhibition of retro cars

You can immerse yourself in the past and capture yourself in vintage style at the ZHYGULYOSKAE site, where an exhibition of retro AvtoGAZ cars and custom motorcycles from the Devoid Of Rights biker club will be held.

8) Children's amusement park

For the youngest guests of the festival there will be a platform with trampolines, inflatable slides, face painting, cars, soap bubbles and other games.

9) Fireworks show

This year three fireworks displays are planned for LIDBEER, the largest of which will begin at the finale of the Classic Energy show near the stage on Dozhinochnaya Square.

Tankman Day 2017 fireworks

10) Camping Romance

This year, a separate campsite will be organized for guests. Right on the spot you can
rent everything you need for a comfortable stay (double and triple tents, rugs, sleeping bags). For the convenience of camping fans, regular transport links will be established from the camp to the city.

Holy Sun festival

Get to Leads You can travel by train, bus or private car. Festival program
is still being developed, so it is subject to change. To keep abreast of all the latest news of the fest or find fellow travelers to Lida, join the telegram channel, and also go to the website.

Musical program of the festival

POP/ROCK (main stage on Dozhinochnaya Square):

14:00—14:30 Opening of the festival
14:30—15:15 State Institution "Lida Pop Orchestra"
15:30—16:15 DC.By AC/DC
16:30—17:15 Cocktail Band
17:30—18:15 SKYNET
18:30—19:15 Anastasia Malashkevich Band
19:30—20:15 Nick Raikov & The Conspirators
20:30-21:15 TIME SQUARE
21:30—23:00 Classic Energy Symphony Orchestra
23:00—00:00 DJ Akulove

FOLK MUSIC (stage at the House of Trade):

14:00—15:00 SKY Sound
15:30—16:30 Merry bust
16:45—17:45 Rosquit
18:00—19:00 Voka Charota
19:15—20:15 KORBUT
20:30-21:30 KaS

Gurt KaS Nash Grunwald

DJ SETS (stage at Lida Castle) 14:00 – 23:00

14:00 – 15:00 DJ Goldscream
15:15 – 16:15 Electronic duet SAME
16:30 – 17:30 Electronic duet MAGIC SOUND
17:45 – 18:45 DJ White Out
19:00 – 20:00 DJ Alexander Spark
20:15 – 21:15 DJ Mikis
21:30 – 22:30 DJ Gleb Glebov


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