There are 2 churches in Lyakhovichi, the first is the temple of 2004, named in honor of the Heart of Jesus, and the second is Church of St. Joseph, which has a longer history, a little more about it. This temple was built in 1907, with the support of representatives of the Reitan family, owners of an estate in the neighboring Grushevka. As you understand, the original architecture was strikingly different from the appearance that can be seen today. The building was thoroughly rebuilt in the post-war years to meet the needs of the clinic.

Lyakhavichy Church

The Lyakhovichi Church was built according to a fairly standard design for the first half of the 20th century. Neo-Gothic architecture with a high bell tower. The walls were decorated with arched windows, there were pinnacles on the roof, and the main entrance was distinguished by a portal.

What did the church look like in Lyakhavichy?
1907, krynica: Żyskar. Nasze Kościoły

Perhaps the only thing that unites old and new architecture is the buttresses.

Lyakhavichy kastsel

In 2019, the building was re-dedicated and partial reconstruction was completed. The result is a unique architectural monument in its own way; below is the location of this landmark:

In Lyakhovichi I advise you to see the place where you were castle, and also take a walk through the historical center.


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