About what's in Lyakhovichi once upon a time there was a real one castle defensive type resembles the coat of arms of the city, which depicts an ancient fortress. Construction of the castle began on the orders of the famous military and statesman of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania - Jan Karol Chodkieczyw, in the second half of the 16th century.

Mural in the center of Lyakhovichi with the image of a castle

There are references in the chronicles to the fact that Lyakhovichi fortress fought off the siege of the Cossacks already in 1595-96. Therefore, we can say that the castle existed here already in that distant time.

Lyakhavitsky castle

Coat of arms of Lyakhavichy

Throughout the 17th century, the castle was constantly besieged, but the fortress did not surrender and remained indestructible. The Swedes were the first to break the Lyakhovichi defense in 1706, when the Northern War swept through our lands.

What to see in Lyakhovichi

To do this, they had to keep the fortress under siege for a whole year. The castle and the city itself were destroyed and plundered. After these events, the castle in Lyakhovichi was restored and until the very end of the 17th century the fortress continued to perform its defensive function.

Lyakhovichi city

However, after the divisions of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the fortress lost its original purpose and gradually disappeared from the geopolitical map. Today it is difficult to find even earthen ditches or outlines of the place where it was located from the former castle. It’s good that there is at least a memorial stone with a coat of arms and information; you can find this monument near the bridge on the Witch River.

River Witch

And in the center of Lyakhavichy there is a stela “Lyakhavitskaya fartetsiya”, which reminds local residents and guests of the rich history of the city.

Memorial sign Lyakhovichi

There are information plaques on the stele with brief information about the castle.

Lyakhavitsky castle

Information plaque about the castle in Lyakhovichi

Below is a point marking the place where the legendary Lyakhovichi castle was located:

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