To a public organization (APB) there are many reports from people who find baby bats. What to do in this situation? In July, during the breeding season of bats, their cubs sometimes fall out of the shelter where the colony is located and risk being killed.

Found a bat - tell how to help and return to mom
Kazan. Photo of Artsyom Zyankevich, Valancer of APB

If you see such a bat, you need to reunite him with his mother that same evening. This should be done in warm weather without rain. If the weather is bad, contact APB Working Group on Bats:

+375 29 213 92 57 (Viber, Telegram)

- The baby bat must be warm and active, otherwise he will not be able to call his mother., says the Chairman of the APB Working Group on Bats Alexey Shpak. - In the cold, he falls asleep, so keep the animal warm before release. From time to time, drink it with water from a pipette or from a spoon.

The bat family reunion operation should be conducted at dusk near the location where you found the bat or where the bat colony is supposed to be.

Place the baby bat on a pre-prepared light perch and wait nearby. A light background will give you a better view of what's going on.

When the bats arrive, the cub will hear them and start calling for its mother. You may not hear these ultrasonic signals, or you may only hear clicks. Adults usually react to these cries and show interest in them, they can even perch next to the animal, but they will not feed someone else's cub. When the mother arrives, the cub will try to hide under her wing, then she can give him a drink of milk for a few minutes, and then fly away with him.

If the mother still does not arrive, put the bat back in the box, keep it in a safe place and consult with the APB Bat Working Group on what to do next.

How to make a perch for a bat?

The easiest and fastest, but not the most reliable, way is to pull the clothesline at the place of release of the animal in advance, then take a light kitchen towel with your fingers at the center, and with the other hand, take the animal through the same towel and let it cling to the fabric properly. Hang the towel on a stretched rope, securing it in the center with a clothespin.

How to make a perch for a bat

On the ground under the towel, place a tray (for example, a cat tray) or lay out another light-colored towel on which you can immediately find the animal if it falls. The main thing is that the towel should not be terry: in such a cub of the “flyer” it will get tangled with claws.

A more reliable perch is made from an ordinary light-colored linen sack, which can then be hung on a stepladder and placed in the right place.

A heating pad or a bottle of warm water is placed inside the sack (hot can cause burns), a smooth cardboard folded lengthwise is attached on top to form a canopy under which the “flying” cub will feel comfortable. The upper edges of the bag should be fastened with clothespins or tape so that the animal does not climb inside. It should sit on the surface of the sack on the side where you made the cardboard canopy.

It is better to glue the remaining edges of the sack with wide adhesive tape: a smooth surface will not allow the animal to climb over to the other side.

The perch is ready! With the onset of dusk, put the animal on the front side of the sack (the one with the cardboard canopy), lay a light kitchen towel on the ground or place a tray.

Wait nearby, but don't make noise and try not to use a flashlight: the light can scare the bats. Make sure that cats are not interested in the animal.

Remember: Bats are threatened with extinction. 8 types of bats included in the Red Book of Belarus. Don't destroy the bat colonies! They pose no danger to humans. But there are still some benefits from bats: during the day, birds clean your site from “pest” insects, and bats at night.


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