Uzіmku ў hramadskaya arganіzacyyu (APB) is often called by people from hell and that lady temai: swans are not evil, choose. Yana is turbulent, that the birds perish in the frost, and try, as if they were dapamagchy.

Swans stopped wintering: anomaly or norm?
zdymak: elements.envato

The one that some swans stay in the winter, - narmal. For the bird, the cold is not so much terrible as the hunger. Lebyadzins fluff of goodness abaranya hell marazov, paws and dzyuba ў the bird is not cold, but hell is hungry and so is the toasty layer of tlushchu.

Z patchwork 21 tbsp. winters in Belarus are mostly mild and slightly snowy. Ale ў any winter, at the same time, the birds can easily know how to get covered with water or fall on fire. The right swans can fly hundreds of kilometers per day.

Such attacks are related to Belarusian arnitologues, yakiya occupying a ringed bird. Rings can tell a story not only to the great pakhodzhanna, but also to the right spring bird.

- I had calcined swans in Brece, - tell the science supracounnik of the Scientific and Practical Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus on bioresources Ivan Bagdanovich. - The year 2005 had an extremely cold winter, and on the next day the initial temperature dropped below 35 degrees. In the early morning of May, swans are green, and less than a day, their bachyls in Krakava are 300 kilometers away from Brest. And on the roofs in the region of Minsk, a pair of swans hibernated for a year during the winter, in the students, the female with the chicks knew, and then the male adna swung around. Adnoychy I with the birds watched the fall of Gdansk, and for two days I was with the male on the roofs without a dress. Then the side of yana advyala fawns at the teply edge for the traditional winter months, and she turned herself into a male.

bird swan
zdymak: elements.envato

For saving energy, swans and marases are small ruhayutstsa. Such floods are normal and do not know that the bird is sick and cold. You don’t need to get rid of the birdie, it’s a pomice, I’m ruhatstsa: so I’m patrician for chestnut energy without a patch and atrymae superfluous stresses. Tym no longer needs to help the golden bird: with the blows of the wing, the swan can break the hand of the chalav.

Feeding the swans and other waterfowl birds of the Varta only then, kali nekalki zen the frost is minus 15 degrees and lower. It is possible to partake of their aўsyanymі shmatkamі, to fill in the bridle of the shore of kala vada or flatbread on the plytkavodzі barley or wheat, to give them fractional parezanay fresh garden (carrot, beetroot, cabbage).

Vіdea pra padkormku

Kalі motsny marazov yama, nіyakay padkormki is not required. Yanas themselves roam the flood waters, or else they follow the padkarmitzsa on their feet. Bread and long loaf, beloved by many swans and kachak, - nepazhadany pachastunak, yakі giving adchuvanne satastsi, but not giving sufficient energy and vitamins.

Dapamoga patrebnaya only for weakened birds, yakіya vіdavochna sprabuyutsya, but not able to collapse for a month; the birdies on the birch, which can be golden, in the yakіh, the pashkodzhanne is pronounced: for example, the bird is kulgae, the wing has peeped in, or the wing has peeped in and ў yae from the dzyuba of the hanging wood. Kab vyratavats such a bird, pavedamitse pra yae ў terytaryal bodies of the Ministry of Nature and Ministry of the Ministry of Supervision on the right.

- Birds can bend like hell of natural, so and antrapageous jumps, - each dyrektar APB Oleksandr Vincheўsky. - The hell of the apostles (on the fault of a chalavek) can die and powerful asobins with good geneafunds, you need to try to help such birds survive. The death of the hell of natural birds and natural adbor, like adseyvae of weak birds, if they didn’t pack pathomies. We do not recommend the use of natural practices, but such birds can be transferred, for example, near the park.

Kali you familiar attacks on swans - telefanuytse on the hotline Dzyarzhaўnay іnspektsy ahovy zhivelnaga and spreading light. Swans-muteers and whoopers are not included red book, ale yak and other birds - know the fall of ahovai dzyarzhava.

Kali you ўbachylі swan z zhoўtai dzyubay – geta hotchey for everything whooper swan, like a 20 bastard like a dachshund nesting in Belarus.

Is important! On the naked swans there could be metal rings, and on the backs of the plastics there were ashhynik with litara and lichbam. Geta birds, marked by arnitolagams, like feathered birds. In Belarus, swans-muteers amal are assigned from 10 countries of Europe. Ashhynik the birds do not forget, navat kali shyya vakol yago zdaetstsa taўseyshai: it’s simple and the swan picks out the adtul feathers, there you can store the “apukhlasci”. Ashhynik qi calco need sfatagrafivats i send photo ў Belarusian center of calcination of the bird once from the date and month of the morning:

If you pack a pile of contacts, then celebrate an hour for you to pass the information to this bird: kali, kіm and dze yana was akaltsavana.

In the winter in Belarus, not only swans, ale and other migratory birds, for example, white beads are found. The usual geta is weak or sick birds. Yana feeds on unfrozen streams and navat on estimates. Ale z skin years at APB pavedamlyayutsya great busl, yakiya stayed in the winter. I shmat yakiya good perazіmoўvayuts.

Video with a reminder on the topic:

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