Driving through the village Lebedevo to the side Benitsy, it is difficult not to notice the unusual chapel-tomb. At first you might think that the interesting building is a stylized new building, but this is not at all the case. The tomb was erected in the first half of the 20th century, and was completed in 1910.

Lebedzeva kastsel

The chapel was probably built as a family tomb, but the question remains for what type, there are 2 assumptions. The first is for the Sventorzhetskys, who lived in Malinovshchina, the second - Tsyvinsky, who owned an estate in Lebedevo itself.

Right next to the walls of the chapel there is a gravestone, which probably belonged to one of the founders and would help to accurately identify those who ordered the construction, but unfortunately all the inscriptions have been erased.

Chapel in Lebedevo

The walls of the chapel are decorated with pilasters, the entrance is made in the form of a pointed arch.

The chapel in Lebedevo survived two wars, but even the color of the brick from which it was built has not changed. Looking at the tomb up close, you can find marks of antiquity.

Lebedevo Chapel

Thin turrets (pincals) pointing upward indicate the neo-Gothic architectural style of the chapel-tomb.

The shrine is located in an old Catholic cemetery containing graves from the late 19th century.

Kaplіtsa ploughshare ў Lebedzeva

In Lebedevo there was a fairly large Catholic parish, the center of which was a wooden Church of the Virgin Mary, burned down in 1938. After these events, the functions of the parish church for some time were performed by this chapel. In Soviet times, the chapel was not used, but it was not destroyed either; the building probably stood half-abandoned. In the 90s, the chapel was returned to the believers, who carried out reconstruction.

The neo-Gothic chapel is located on the outskirts of the village of Lebedevo; if you drive by car, you definitely won’t miss this place, it is clearly visible from the road.

10 kilometers from the chapel, you can visit the abandoned, but not lost its attractiveness Trinity Church in Benica and current Church of the Intercession 19th century. What else interesting things to see in Belarus, as well as options tours around the country.

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