Our website has repeatedly published materials about various abandoned places from around the world. This time will be the outskirts New Orleans, where there is an abandoned house in the Art Nouveau style, which used to be boarding school for boys. And so - Lafon Home for Boys.

New Orleans has a rich and interesting history that has left its mark on many areas of the city's life. Not bypassing the social.

Back in the 19th century, at a time when culture in USA was completely different, and racism was everyday was born Tommy Lafon (THOMY LAFON). An African American with a successful path as an entrepreneur who wanted to help the black population of New Orleans. This is how the various help houses for colored people appear. One such place is the Lafon Boys' Home.

The history of this house begins in 1893, when Mr. Lafon passes this place to the sisters of mercy.

For the first time, problems began in 1915 - a strong hurricane partially damaged the building.

And in 1933 there is a terrible fire. Through the efforts of the abbess sisters, no one was hurt, but most of the buildings required major repairs. There was no money for this, the fees began.

A few years later, the boarding school was restored and was able to accept new students.

In 1968, the Lafon house switches to a new regime and becomes an analogue of a paid kindergarten. Boys aged 2 to 4 were accepted here. The payment was 15 dollars.

This place became abandoned in the early 2000s.

At the beginning of the 21st century, in 2005, the strongest hurricane Katrina occurred, which caused great damage to New Orleans. The boarding school Lafon was not restored and reopened; today it is an abandoned house.

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