National cuisine of Vietnam what to try?

Vietnam it is a unique country in many respects. Among which, of course, stands alone National cuisine. Due to its geographical location and the length of the territory along the meridian, the culture of the country can be divided into three conditional regions:

• South Region;

• Northern region;

• Central region.

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Therefore, there are differences in everything, from climatic conditions to features cuisines of vietnam. As in any national culture, including the culture of cooking, there is a general preference of the indigenous people. All regions use fish soy and rice sauces, and almost no dish is complete without fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits.

Another feature of Vietnamese cuisine is its preparation. Wherever you go, be sure to meet Vietnamese who cook right on the street. This nationality definitely has a cult of food, and street cuisine is developed very coolly. The markets of the capital stand out brightly Hanoi and largest city Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). In them you will see all the colors of street cooking at low prices.

The most consumed types of meat:

Pork - tasty, satisfying meat, rich in vitamin B12, zinc and iron;

Chicken's meat - easy, both in preparation and in the assimilation of its body, meat rich in protein and vitamins.

Shrimp meat and seafood - meat saturated with quickly digestible protein, after such food you will never feel heaviness in the stomach. This meat is eaten in many countries, but the secrets of cooking it in Vietnam lie in the use of characteristic spices. 

A lot of fresh herbs are added to the dishes here. Popular: basil, Vietnamese mint and coriander.

Pork and chicken according to Vietnamese recipes have exotic tastes, but beef is also eaten here, but much less often. Duck and goat meat can also be found on the menu of various restaurants and cafes, but much less frequently. Regardless of the specifics of cooking, the type of meat and the region in which you try Vietnamese cuisine, almost all dishes are decorated and served with fresh vegetables when served.

Vietnamese exotic snacks

Exquisite and unusual Vietnam serving snacks for alcoholic beverages. This is the meat of exotic animals:

  • snakes;
  • deer;
  • turtles;
  • insects

Snacks are properly and subtly combined with alcohol, so if you want to be surprised by the peculiarities of Vietnamese cuisine, try it.

In Vietnam, snake tinctures are also popular, often carried as a souvenir or gift.

The basis of almost all dishes is rice. The country is the second, after China, the birthplace of rice. Huge areas are covered with rice fields in the northern part. Vietnam ranks second in the world in the export of rice. Rice is the staple crop in Vietnamese national cuisine.

According to statistics, every resident of the Republic of Vietnam eats two hundred kilograms of rice in one year. You can find this product in any catering establishment, markets, restaurants, and even McDonald's in Vietnam serves as a side dish. Rice is eaten both in its pure form and according to special recipes of national cuisine.

Features of cuisine in the Northern part of Vietnam

It has already been said that the entire territory of the country is conditionally divided into three parts: north, south and center. Each region has its own peculiarities in national cuisine. Regarding the addition and use of spices and other ingredients in dishes, the residents and chefs of the northern region are cautious about this and strictly adhere to national Vietnamese recipes. The most famous dishes are dishes called "Fo" and "banh quon". Cooking features:

• “Fo" is a rice noodle soup made from rice flour. The peculiarity of cooking pho lies in the stages of serving.

After the soup with rice noodles is ready to eat, they begin to serve it and only at this stage meat (pork or chicken) is added. Fish balls are sometimes added, but fresh Vietnamese basil is always added.

• “banh quon” are national Vietnamese pancakes. A tasty and interesting dish, they are made from rice flour, anything can serve as a filling: meat, fish, mushrooms, vegetables, fruits, herbs.

The main feature of the preparation is a very finely chopped filling. And in order to reveal all the taste qualities, when used, pancakes need to be dipped in hot sauce.

If you are in the northern part of Vietnam, be sure to try these dishes.

Features of the cuisine of the southern part of Vietnam

The peculiarities in cooking in the south of Vietnam were influenced by the location and climate. This part has a wider abundance of herbs that are used in food. Therefore, all dishes of national cuisine here are seasoned and decorated with various herbs, which adds spice. There are no specific dishes that differ from other regions, but the way they are prepared and the wide selection of herbs and spices make them special. The formation of the taste preferences of local residents was also influenced by the fact that once upon a time there were many French colonists and many immigrants from the southern part of China. This has made its own adjustments to the national cuisine of southern Vietnam, so the locals love to use sweet notes in almost all dishes. One of the characteristic dishes of Vietnam are spring rolls, they are prepared everywhere.

Features of the cuisine of Central Vietnam

National dishes in the central part of the country have taste differences from the southern and northern regions. Here, the indigenous people and chefs prefer spiciness. All sauces and dishes of national cuisine with a more pronounced spiciness.

In the central part, you will be offered a huge selection of various snacks like nowhere else. There is a special approach to serving and serving dishes, so they are decorated not only with vegetables and herbs, but also with very interesting exotic snacks.

Whatever part of Vietnam you visit, be sure to taste the dishes that symbolize the national cuisine. Here you can find and try what you like. Vietnamese cuisine is distinguished by its sharpness and exoticism, and real rice, which is present in almost all dishes in every region of the country. It is worth highlighting the Vietnamese dumpling or pie Ban Bao. Sold in every shop and store, in my opinion the most popular Vietnamese snack. Maybe with meat, fish or vegetables, looks something like this:

banh bao vietnam

McDonald's in Vietnam

I think many people know that McDonald's all over the world has its own characteristics. McDonald's in Vietnam is no exception; there are also a couple of unusual dishes here. Among which the garnish stands out, here the chicken is served with rice (!).

Another interesting offer is green tea flavored coffee. 

Green tea in Vietnam is given a lot of attention. It is as easy to meet sweets with the taste of tea here as we have chocolate with nuts.

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