The production of serials is an assembly line business that brings in billions of dollars at the box office. The fact that they smoothly replace classical cinema is already undeniable. But finding cool TV shows that open up something new is now difficult. Netflix streaming service copes with the production mission at the proper level with varying degrees of success. collected for you cool series from netflixthat will give you pleasure.

Love, death and robots (Love, Death & Robots)

seasons: 1 | rating: 8,2 | genre: cartoons, horror, science fiction, thriller, drama

The first season is 18 episodes, unrelated shorts. The animation style is different, from series to series you have to tune in to a new picture. Does it interfere? Absolutely not, rather the opposite. It adds its own charm to each individual story. As you understand, there will be love, sometimes robots and often death.

Black Mirror

seasons: 5 | rating: 8,5 | Genre: Fantasy, Thriller, Drama

British series, raising questions of the excessive presence of technology in the modern world. The series are not related to each other.

black mirror gif

The Haunting of Hill House

seasons: 1 | rating: 8,05 | Genre: Drama, Horror

The theme of haunted houses has already been shown in films so many times that it seemed impossible to surprise. The series is able to dispel such thoughts “The ghosts of the house on the hill“. Decent cast, gripping storyline. Events will unfold in 1990 and in our days. A must-see, by the way, the series seems to have been renewed for a second season.

the haunting of hill house no GIF by NETFLIX

Peaky Blinders

seasons: 5 | rating: 8,4 | Genre: Crime, Thriller, Drama

The series will immerse viewers in the atmosphere of post-war Birmingham at the beginning of the 20th century. Capitalism is just unfolding, the industrial revolution is gaining momentum, and crime is flourishing in all colors. The Shelby family, the main characters, actively take over the city through force, gambling, robbery and murder.

peaky blinders drama gif by bbc

The Last Kingdom

seasons: 4 | rating: 7,8 | Genre: History, Drama, Adventure

We do not get tired of recommending this series, The Last Kingdom came to our top historical seriesand now to the list best Netflix series. Let's dive into the reign of King Alfred of Wessex. He managed to win back and keep the English lands from the Danish Vikings. Uhtred helped him - a descendant of a noble Saxon family, and we will watch him in the series.

happy bbc GIF by BBC


seasons: 3 | rating: 8 | Genre: Thriller, Drama, Crime

This German series will appeal to all connoisseurs of the mystical. Imagine that a time machine exists, but works according to a complex algorithm. Travel You can only for 33 years and in one place.

cave dark netflix GIFs

We will be shown the history of several families in a provincial town. Bright characters, an atypical plot and a dramatic atmosphere are a must-see.

American Vandal

seasons: 2 | rating: 7,9 | Genre: Thriller, Drama, Mystery, Comedy

The series is filmed in the style of a documentary, where we will be shown an independent investigation of an extremely strange crime. Cool humor, a fascinating detective, excellent actors.


seasons: 3 | rating: 7,7 | Genre: Horror, Detective, Action

You were definitely not ready for this, we have a Korean series about zombies. It's not thrash, and it's far from a passerby. The titanic work of make-up artists and actors makes the series so high-quality that you immerse yourself in viewing without interruption. For connoisseurs of historical battles, as well as The Walking Dead - a series from Netflix Kingdom is waiting for you.

Glitter (Glow)

seasons: 3 | rating: 7,5 | Genre: Drama, Comedy, Sports

Interested in wrestling? And what about women, and even in the 80s?

season 2 trailer GIF by GLOW Netflix

Happy (Happy!)

seasons: 2 | rating: 7,7 | Genre: Comedy, Action, Fantasy

The main character, Nick Sachs, drank himself to the point of despair and hallucinations. Now he has an annoying partner in his dirty deeds - a tiny, always positive, blue unicorn with wings.

Very strange thingsStranger Things

seasons: 4 | rating: 8,5 | Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Detective, Drama

And again the 80s, which became so popular on the screens. The main characters are children who seem to have moved from the pavilion of the film “Itin Stranger Things. It is difficult to describe what is happening, here is both mysticism and a detective. The series is made very high quality and keeps you in suspense, and the game of young actors is pleasing to the eye.

season 3 netflix GIF by Stranger Things

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

seasons: 2 | rating: 8,1 | Genre: Fantasy, Detective, Comedy

Strange characters, strange investigation and lack of logic - all this is enough in the series. But the plot is captivating, and you want to follow the main characters.

dirk gently what GIF by BBC America

The Alienist

seasons: 2 | rating: 7,2 | genre: drama, detective

The action of the series will take us to the end of the 19th century, where brutal murders in New York shake the city. A curious company will investigate the crimes: the future president USA, Alienist doctor and reporter for the local newspaper. What came of it? Watch the series from Netflix.

shocked dakota fanning GIF by TNT Drama

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