For those who do not suffer from seasickness, love the sea (ocean) and are ready to go into its “embraces” even to the ends of the world, we decided to remind cruises. Cry all your tears on your XNUMXth viewing"Titanicand dreaming while sitting on the couch is not worth it. Better get on board huge liner and look inside at the big and such an interesting world of cabins, waves and an endless holiday. If in the last century you see 70m ship in the middle of the sea or the ocean was a curiosity and a real miracle, then today cruises do not seem to be something unattainable. Cruise companies are launching more and more sea giants, opening up new routes and entertaining passengers as best they can.

From a height, the liners resemble toy boats, with which we loved to play so much in the yard after rain in childhood. It is even hard to imagine that more than 6 thousand people can be on board. Of course, liners differ in size, capacity and infrastructure, but all vessels operate on the same principle.

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Traveling on a liner

There is something to do on board the ship: bars and restaurants, a discotheque, a bowling alley and a casino, a library, beauty salons and spa centers, and duty-free shops are open for passengers.

You can spend time in the pool with slides or in the sauna, gym or climbing wall.

There are plenty of shows and entertainment for adults and children on board. On such a ship it is not scary to go on a round-the-world cruise.

Of all the companies operating in the world market, the most popular and largest cruise companies can be distinguished.

Carnival Cruise Lines

Founder and mass marketing company of the Carnival concern, which unites 12 cruise companies. Carnival Cruise Lines holds the record for the volume of passengers per year among competitors. The company has been operating since 1972. At its origins was the Israeli businessman Ted Erison. Today the company has 25 liners and another is planned to be built by 2019.

Royal Caribbean International

Cruise company founded in Norway in 1968. It is a subsidiary of the US-Norwegian company Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd, which controls more than a quarter of the global cruise market. Royal Caribbean owns 26 courts and ranks second in size among all cruise companies. The largest liner in the world Symphony of the Seas (built in 2018) also belongs to this company.

Princess Cruises

In 1965 year Stanley MacDonald launched his first liner to the coast of Mexico, with which the life of this company began. Today, in the waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, you can see 18 ships under the brand Princess Cruises. The Caribbean is considered the most popular destination for "princesses"; the cost of such cruises is quite democratic.


All cruises are divided into 4 categories - "Standard", "Premium", "Lux" and "Exclusive".

The companies listed earlier belong to the standard class. If you want to go on a trip on a premium liner, choose Holland America Line or Celebrity Cruises. Luxury ships can be found at Crystal Cruises, Regent Seven Seas Cruises or Silversea cruises. The most juice and exclusive service are provided exclusively SeaDream Yacht Club.


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