Fortress in Bobruisk - a defensive structure built at the beginning of the 1812th century by order of Emperor Alexander I. It was intended to fortify the borders of the Russian Empire. It was decided to place the fortress on the banks of the Berezina River. And already by the war of 10, thanks to the involvement of several thousand peasants and soldiers, as well as the use of the latest achievements of the military industry of that time, it became an impregnable citadel with eight bastions. The walls of which in some places were up to XNUMX bricks thick. General area Bobruisk fortress totaled almost 120 hectares.

Fortress in Bobruisk

What you should definitely look at when you arrive at the fortress in Bobruisk.

Opperman tower or "red tower". One of the most famous pieces Bobruisk fortress. It is a coastal lunette that guarded access to the outpost from the southeast side. It was named after Karl Oppermann, who developed the plan and actively participated in the construction of the fortress.

Fortress in Bobruisk inside

During the Great Patriotic War, a camp of Soviet prisoners of war was located here.

After liberation, repressed prisoners were brought here, and since the late 1960s, the tower was used as a pre-trial detention center, which is still used for this purpose.

Fortress in Bobruisk caponier

Fortress in Bobruisk photo

Caponier for the defense of the Gorge rampart. Caponier It is a fortification designed for shelling in two directions. In the Bobruisk fortress, they were used to defend the ditches. After the war of 1812, a one-story caponier was erected to strengthen the defense of the left flank of the coastal front.

It was at the bottom of the ditch between the Gorge rampart and the glacis. Intended to bombard the ditch between them. In the rear part of the structure, loopholes and loopholes were made for firing along the fortification.

redukt in Bobruisk fortress

Reduit with caponier. reduit - a fortification used to strengthen the internal defense of the bastions. Adapted for close combat.

It is located in the central part of the outpost and is a two-story mushroom-shaped fortification designed for cross-fire.

Storage rooms were located on the ground floor of the front of the reduit. On the second - there was a storage of small arms.

Fortress in Bobruisk fortifications

Minsk gates. The author of the project was the architect Alexander Shtaubert. The gate consisted of three parts. In the center there was a passage to the Bobruisk fortress, equipped with a drawbridge from the side of the moat. In the side rooms there were guardhouses - rooms for guards.

ruins of the Bobruisk fortress

bunker bobruisk

A casemated lunette, which is located on Tsiolkovsky Lane, 30. The building is well preserved and now it houses a vegetable storehouse of the Rassvet SPK them. K.P. Orlovsky. Initially, this lunette carried the function of a defensive structure, which was built in 1854 according to the project of Staff Captain Alexei Sorokin.

Bobruisk fortress was a witness to three warriors, and this left a strong imprint on her appearance.

fort in bobruisk

Now it is in a dilapidated state. At the moment, they are trying to restore its former power, projects for the restoration of sections of the fortress are being considered.

abandoned barracks of the Bobruisk fortress

It is planned to place a historical and cultural complex here, which could fully demonstrate and tell the history of this monumental structure.

But even after so many years, the citadel captures with its power and scale. Worthy of special attention abandoned barracks.

military tower in bobruisk

At the beginning of the new millennium, this fortress in Bobruisk was rightfully included in the list of historical and cultural values ​​of the Republic of Belarus.

Also in the Mogilev region you can visit Church of St. StanislausChurch of St. Anthonyruins of the Church of St. Peter and Paul.

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6 years ago

Good article, thanks!
I am from Bobruisk and love our fortress very much. Now, together with like-minded volunteers, we are removing one of the reduits from rubbish heaps.
And I also wrote a guide for each object in the territory. I will be glad if you like the material 🙂

6 years ago
Reply  Anastasia

What was the point of posting a comment without a link?
At least open for a start. Some kind of greed...

6 years ago

It is possible to close from indexing and all. Or make it unclickable.
After all, you do not have this information, but someone would really need it.

6 years ago
Reply  Anastasia

We fought so hard that we were just allowed to clean up the garbage there! And still constant problems.
They attracted people through newspapers, and at local concerts, city events. They wanted to shoot a clip, again the problem - they don’t give it.
We spread information as best we can in order to somehow attract people to the problem, maybe someone would find out through you, and you rub the links. As if I'll earn on your link.
The same to me, a blog about Belarus…

Sasha Poshykovich
Sasha Poshykovich
6 years ago
Reply  Anastasia

Anastasia, our plugin automatically removes offers with links, that's all. links are not a pity.

6 years ago

Do you moderate messages manually? Then what is the point of publishing such (uninformative)?