Turkish city Alanya on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea - one of the most popular and beloved by tourists resorts. Its main attraction is considered to be the ancient fortressbuilt in the XNUMXth century. This fortification impresses with its grandeur and attracts thousands of tourists every year. In this article, we will tell you more about Alanya fortress in Turkey: how to get there, the history of construction, as well as interesting facts.

Attractions in the city of Alanya fortress

Alanya fortress It is located on a peninsula surrounded by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea on three sides. The area of ​​the fortress is about 10 hectares, and the length of the walls reaches 6,5 km. They have 14 towers.

Fortress in the city of Alanya

The highest point is on a rock, at an altitude of 250 meters. From here you have a wonderful view of the city.

Fortress in the city of Alanya Turkey history and photos

You can admire Cleopatra's beach for a long time with its famous white sand and sometimes emerald, sometimes turquoise sea. How to consider the peaks of the Taurus Mountains, which protect the city from cold winds.

Cats Alanya and a view of the Taurus Mountains

The place for the fortress was chosen ideally: impregnable rocky slopes at all times perfectly coped with their main purpose, performing defensive and protective functions.

Impenetrable fortress in the city of Alanya

The history of the fortress in Alanya

The first mention of fortifications dates back to the 1221th century BC. Even then there were military fortifications here. In their place in XNUMX the Seljuk Sultan Ala ad-Din Kay-Kubad I, as soon as he captured the city (then it was called Kalonoros, and later was renamed Alanya) began the construction of a new fortress. He planned to make it his winter residence. Three rows of walls were built for reliable protection from enemies, as well as 140 bastions. The fortress walls, thanks to a special bonding solution, were so strong that they could withstand blows from cannons.

Alanya Turkey fortress on the mountain

In some places of the wall small windows were made - loopholes. During the attack of the invaders, it was convenient to throw arrows through them, drop stones and even pour resin.

Alanya Turkey fortress on the mountain

Construction was carried out for 12 years. During this time, the famous structures of the fortress were built:

Red Tower, or Kyzyl Kule (1224 - 1226);

Red Tower or Kyzyl Kule Alania

unique shipyard (in 1228);

Shipyard Alanya

mosque and burial structures;

Mosque on top of a fortress in Alanya

Various technical buildings, among which there is even a Seljuk bath and underground cisterns for water supply. The church of St. George (IV-V centuries AD) has been partially preserved from Byzantine times. On the territory of the Alanya fortress there were also buildings in which 400 people lived.

Villas located on the territory of the fortress of Alanya

Later, small villas were built for the townspeople, many of the buildings have survived to this day, some are abandoned.

Abandoned house on the fortress in Alanya

People continue to live in them, but these are just old houses, and it is forbidden to build new buildings.

Alanya fortress buildings

Fortifications consist of three parts: top, middle and bottomth. In the upper part, on the western peak of the peninsula, there is a castle (citadel), which is called Ich Kale (Iç Kale).

Ich Kale (Iç Kale) fortress of Alanya

This is the main bastion, surrounded by an additional several rows of walls. All the most important buildings of the fortress were located right here, in its very "heart": the residence of the Sultan, the mint, water tanks.

If you go down a little lower, you will see the fortress Ehmedek, built in 1227 to protect Ich Kale.

Ehmedek Fortress

In the lower part of the Alanya fortress is located Red Tower (Kyzyl Kule) - a well-preserved monument of medieval architecture.

Red Tower (Kyzyl Kule) Alanya

Its main function was to protect the port and dock, with which it did an excellent job.

View from Alanya fortress

Inside the tower there is a well with fresh water. The tower acquired its color due to the special red brick that was used in its construction. Kyzyl Kule has an octagonal shape, its height is 33 meters.

What is the tower in Alanya

Small stone steps led to the top, and today there are special stairs connecting different levels of the tower. Now located in Kyzyl Kul ethnographical museum.

Openning time: 09:00 - 19:00 Cost of visit: 12 lire ($1,5)

The building of the shipyard is also very well preserved. Inside it are five chambers with lancet arches. Each chamber is 8 meters long and goes to a depth of more than 40 meters. The ships were built on a dry site ("dry dock"), and then immediately launched into the water. The shipyard was also involved in the repair and maintenance of the ships that made up the fleet of the Sultan.

Beach near the fortress of Alanya

Now there is a museum there, which presents models of ships, ancient maps, all kinds of mechanisms, tools and other interesting exhibits.

By what names was the fortress known?

The common name for the fortress today is Alanya Kalesi, i.e. "alanya fortress". However, there are more beautiful and romantic options:Aladdin's fortress","Cleopatra's tower","pirate fortress". They are mostly associated with legends and are used to attract tourists.

fortress in Alanya

On the territory of the fortress there is a section of rock with a dangerous ledge (at a height of 250 meters), which is known as "balcony of death” and is associated with the name of Cleopatra. According to the legend, it was from this ledge that her lovers who fell out of favor were thrown into the sea.

Alanya balcony of death

True, before the execution, the unfortunate were given a chance for salvation: they had to throw at least one of the three stones to the water. It was almost impossible to do this because of the too high altitude and the wind constantly blowing from the sea, throwing stones onto the rock. The fate of those sentenced to execution was not enviable.

How to get to the fortress

Alanya fortress in Turkey - a place of attraction for many tourists, so you can get to it in several convenient ways.

How to get to the fortress of Alanya

The most obvious way is to get there with organized tour (most often by bus). In this case, tourists simply choose one or another program.

How to get to the fortress of Alanya

You can also call taxi or use a personal (or rented) by car. The climb goes along a small serpentine, the beautiful views from the window are breathtaking.

The road to the fortress of Alanya

For those who love hiking, a wonderful route 3 km long is available. It starts at the Red Tower (i.e. at the foot of the mountain) and leads to the very top. You can also climb from the funicular, but the road will take longer. There are small shops and souvenir shops along the way.

How to get to the fortress of Alanya

And finally, the most unusual way is to climb funicular to the Ehmedek fortress, and then on foot to Ich Kale.

Funicular Alanya Turkey on the fortress

Funicular price and opening hours:

Opens in 9:30 and works until 21:00. The busiest days are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday (a large queue forms in the morning at the opening and between 17:00 and 19:00).

Rise time approx. 8 minutes. (read about one of the longest funiculars in the world).

The ticket is worth 40 lira round trip (5$)valid only on the day of purchase. Prices change frequently, there are many options to purchase a ticket as part of a group tour.

The ancient fortress is not just a calling card Alanya. A real open-air museum awaits you, which will not leave anyone indifferent. I advise you to take at least half a day to visit the fortress.

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