Red courtyard in Minsk, courtyard-well

A unique attraction of the city, which attracts both Minsk residents and guests of the capital - Red courtyard in Minsk. Visiting the main places capital Cities Belarus, it is worth looking into less popular places.

Red courtyard in Minsk

This is a place with a special atmosphere, it combines old buildings and modern art, history and modern times. Creative personalities (musicians, photographers, artists, various artists) from all over the world often gather here, share their emotions and experiences.

Mostly in the summer months, concerts, exhibitions of paintings, lectures, photo shoots, film screenings and much more are held here.

You can get into the Red Courtyard through the gate that closes the arch in the house No. 7 on Revolutionary.

Before the advent of Soviet power, the street was called Koidanovskaya.

Most of the buildings belong to the second half of the 19th - first half of the 20th centuries.

st. Revolutionary 7, Minsk


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