Find Church of Saints Simeon and Saint Helena easy, it is located near the Government House. In some sources, the style of the temple is defined as Neo-Romanesque, in others - neogothic, with modern elements.

Church of St. Simeon and St. Helena in Minsk

Built one of the main temples in Minsk in 1910, entirely of red brick, from which the people got the name “Red“. Designed the Red Church - Tomáš Paidzerskiy.

Red Church in Minsk

Construction work was carried out under the guidance and financial support Edward Voynilovich, to whom the temple owes its official name. (Semyon and Elena - that was the name of the dead children of the landowner)

Sights of Minsk

Painting and stained-glass windows in the church are the work of the painter Francisco Bruzdovich. The church is decorated with sculptures Sigmund Otto.

At the beginning of the 20s, a dark time began for the church and the parish. First, in 1923, utensils and other valuables were taken from the church, and then, already in 1932, the Red Church was closed. It began to be used as a theater, then the premises of the temple served as a film studio.

Red Church of St. Simeon and St. Helena in Minsk

During the German occupation, services were again held in the church of St. Simeon and St. Helena. However, with the end of the Second World War, the temple is closed again and already until the 90s.

The Red Church in Minsk

During the Soviet period, the red church was rebuilt. The most significant change is the merging of the three apses into one. It turned out an unusual drum three stories high. It is interesting that the fate of the church became connected with cinema. It houses the House of the Union of Cinematographers of the BSSR and the Museum of Cinema. (now this museum is located in a building nearby)

Sights of Minsk Red Church

Like most temples of BelarusThe Red Church was returned to the parish in the early 90s. Reconstruction begins, during which the frescoes, which had been plastered over with the advent of the Soviets, were cleaned. In 96, next to the entrance, a famous figure of archangel michael, depicted piercing a snake. Another notable sculpture "Bell of Nagasaki", installed in 2000. A few meters from the church you can see a brick building - this spittingbuilt in the early 20th century.

Plebaniya red church

Today, the red church in Minsk can be safely called one of the visiting cards of the city. Hard to imagine sightseeing tours in the capitalwithout visiting this place. The temple is located on the street Soviet 15, open from 7 to 21, contact phone: +375 17 200 44 15.

What else to see near the church? Walk through the old Karl Marx street towards the center. There you can see Cathedral of the Virgin Mary and other sights of the Upper City.

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Maria Novikova
Maria Novikova
1 year ago

Good afternoon, I read the article and May zdzіўlenne: dze ў in our church know the sculptures of Z. Otta? Stained-glass windows, mabyts yashche old mayutstsa - at the vezha, where there is no access to the adkrytag. And the current ones are crushed by the next masters. Right sculpture cіkava was b davedatstsa. Can I have an article number and a photo? I understand that the article has been published for a year there, but it can be done atrymaetstsa.