Zhuprany is an agro-town in Oshmyany district, which is located on the road connecting Oshmyany и Smorgon. The village was originally calledZuprans” (located next to Zupranskaya Pushcha where were European bison). However, over time and due to phonetic features, the sound has changed. For many years, Zhuprany belonged to the Radziwills, under whom the Calvinist collection operated. On the site of which, already when the Zhuprans were owned by the Chapskys, they began to build Church of Saints Peter and Paul.

Church of St. Peter and Paul in the village of Zhuprany

The construction was financed by the count Adam Czapski, work began on 1854 year. True, the construction was not completed quickly. In 1863, an uprising began, after the defeat in which Catholicism in the territory Belarus it was very hard.

Zhuprany Belarus

Zhuprany church

The construction of the temple was completed in 1875 year (in some sources there is a different date, later - 1890 year). Then the church was solemnly consecrated in honor of the holy apostles Peter and Paul.

Sights of Belarus Zhuprany

Neo-Gothic church in Zhuprany

Zhupransky church architecture

The church is rectangular in shape, three-aisled, made in the architectural style neogothic and elements retrospective gothic. Dominant - massive three-tiered belfry tower with lancet openings and a tent.

Churches of Belarus Zhuprany

The temple does not have an apse; a cross is forced out on the back wall above the altar window.

Church of St. Peter and Paul in the agricultural town of Zhuprany

Ancient windows in the church

Church in Zhuprany built of red brick and rubble stone. Richly decorated with patterns, false niches and pilasters. At the corners of the main volume of the temple and the tower are Gothic pinacles.

Church of Saints Peter and Paul

At the cemetery near the church, you can visit the grave of the famous Belarusian poet - Francis Benedikt Bogushevichburied here in 1900 year. Not far from the church there is also a monument, made in the form of a two-meter pedestal with a bust of Bogushevich.

Church in the village of Zhuprany

Behind the Peter and Paul Church, a brick spitting early 20th century. Unlike the temple, it was built in a more classical style.

Plebania Zhuprany

The main attraction of the agricultural town of Zhuprany is located on a hill and is clearly visible at the entrance.

What else to visit in this region? Literally a 10-minute drive, in Soly, is located one of the most beautiful churches in Belarus. Along the way there will also Neo-Gothic tomb in the village of Ivashkivtsi.


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