Urban settlement of Zelva located in the Grodno region, on the Zelvyanka river. The settlement in these places was founded in the middle of the 13th century, and the first written mention dates back to 1470. V Zelve central attraction - Church of the Holy Trinity, which is clearly visible even at the entrance.

Urban settlement of Zelva

The church is atypical, two-towered, with a concave roof. On the territory of the temple there is a real park, which in itself deserves special attention.

Zelvensky church

Church of Zelva

The temple was built in several stages, starting in 1905, when priest Ludwik Kluk visited the village of Zelva.

Trinity Church in Zelva

The construction of the Trinity Church was completed in 1913.

Beautiful churches of Belarus Zelva

Church in the village of Zelva

Neo-Gothic dominates in the architecture of the Zelvensky church, but there are also features of the Neo-Romanesque style. The temple was built of yellow brick, which can be called a typical solution for neo-Gothic churches of the 20th century.

Urban settlement of Zelva

During the Second World War, the building was badly damaged: the spiers and the roof were destroyed by shelling.

Neo-Gothic church in Zelva

In 1950, the church in Zelva was forcibly closed. During the Soviet period, a store operated within the walls of the building, after the square was used as a warehouse, a period of desolation began.

Zelvensky church

Church of Zelva inside

After almost 40 years, the temple was returned to the Catholics, who carried out restoration and a year later opened the Church of the Holy Trinity for everyone.

Zelvensky church in Belarus

Zelva located 40 kilometers from Slonim, the church is the dominant feature of the urban village, located on the street 50 years of the Komsomol.

Also along the way you can visit Synkovichi and see the defensive temple. More sights of Belarus on the map and selection tours around the country.



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