Village Zasvir is located next to the beautiful lake Svir, on the border of Minsk and Grodno regions. Of the sights worthy of special attention ancient church in the Baroque style, founded in the early 18th century. In addition, the ruins of the former Carmelite monastery, which was founded in 1697. The military cemetery of the First World War has been preserved behind the church building.

Church of Zasvir

Church Zasvir Belarus

The construction of the monastery, as well as the church in Zasvir, was carried out with the support and funds Krishtof and Jadwiga Zenovich. Initially, the monastery buildings were wooden, but over time they were updated and rebuilt from stone.

Carmelite Monastery Zasvir

Zasvir Carmelite Monastery

Trinity Church looks quite simple and even ascetic, such features are inherent in temples related to the architectural style Sarmatian baroque. There are similar churches in Novogrudok, Kletsk и Michalishkakh.

The most interesting churches in Belarus

Sarmatian Baroque in Belarus

The church is two-towered, with a high apse above the altar.

Baroque church in Belarus

Interestingly, there is no such central entrance - it seems to be blocked by a small apse (?) with a modest door on the side. Why they did this is unknown, but I have seen similar receptions in Catholic churches before.  

Church in the village of Zasvir

During the Russian-Polish war of 1830-31, the church and monastery were closed. Such a fate befell many Catholic churches of that time. And after the events of 1863, the church was completely transferred to the Orthodox Church.

Church in the village of Zasvir

Apse of Zasvir church

During the First World War, German soldiers organized a hospital within the walls of the Trinity Church, and the dead were kept behind the church. The cemetery has been preserved.

Military cemetery in the village of Zasvir

In the 19th year, 20th century, church in the village of Zasvir returned to the bosom of the Catholic faith.

Church in the village of Zasvir

The Second World War also left its marks on the fate Church of the Holy Trinity. After the end of hostilities, the church was closed again, and the building was adapted for a school and a hostel. With time and uselessness Zasvirsky church fell into disrepair and began to crumble.

Zasvirsky church in Belarus

In 1990, the temple was again returned to the Catholics and reconstruction began.


A little further from the church, an unusual wooden house has been preserved. The building resembles a real estate, but in fact it is a former cinema club built in 1930.

Abandoned house in the village of Zasvir

In these parts, you should definitely look into Svir, and so in Shemetovo.

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