Quite interesting ruins can be seen in the Drogichinsky district, Brest region. small abandoned Church of the Holy Spirit located near the village Ulcers.

Yazviny, Brest region

The church is dated 1750 year, and its size rather resembles a chapel. The shape of the temple is square with a small semicircular apse, made in the baroque style of brick.

Church of the Holy Spirit of Yazvina

Church of the Holy Spirit in Yazviny

In the middle of the 19th century, Yazvinsky church converted to an Orthodox church. Then a sly turret appeared on the roof. The temple of that period is depicted in the picture Napoleon Orda.

Church of the Holy Spirit of Yazvina
drawing of 1861, from the Globus of Belarus website

Despite the abandoned state, the area around the church has been cleaned and apparently inspected by someone. A wooden information plate hangs on the facade, and the entrance to the inside was blocked with a forged grate.

The ruins of the church in the village of Yazviny

Church in the village of Yazviny

Abandoned places of Belarus Yazvina

Interestingly, if you look at the Google map, you can see that the temple does not fall into the composition of the nearby villages (Lezhitkovichi и Pigasy). The inhabitants of these villages call the place where the church stands - Winch (since there is a children's camp of the same name nearby). Probably once there was a gentry estate on the territory of this camp, which would explain the appearance of a stone church in these parts.

Abandoned places of Belarus Yazvina

Abandoned Church of the Holy Spirit in the village of Yazviny

Since 1919, the temple was returned to Catholicism, remained active until 1944. Then, in Soviet times, the church was closed. The building stood empty and was not used, over time more and more falling into disrepair. If you plan to visit the ruins of the church, then I advise you to call in from the M10 highway, the road is much better.

What else is interesting to see in this region? Be sure to go to Zakozelwhere the reconstruction ends chapels-tombs of Ozheshko.

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Siarhej Chareuski
Siarhej Chareuski
1 year ago

Dzyakuy for zdymki and dopіs! Ale, vypraўtsue there, kali weasel - kassel perarabili on the church past in 1832, then side - at the syaredzine of the 18th century, and not the 1919th, as you have written. And so, at the midday hour, hell 1944, the temple knew the temple, yes XNUMX.