The oldest church in Belarus located in the village Vselyub, The Grodno region. It was built in the first half of the 15th century, probably before 1433 years. During its long history, it has changed names, denominations and appearance. Today Church of St. Casimir in Vselyub one of the most interesting attractions in the region.

Catholic church Vselyub

History, architecture and interesting facts

Most often, the construction of the church is associated with the name Yana Nemira (Nemirovich family), who owned Vselyub in those days. When these lands passed Radziwillam, the temple was turned into Calvin collection (from 1576 to 1642).

All-Lubsky Church of St. Casimir

After the church returned to the bosom of the Catholic Church, it was consecrated in honor of Saint Casimir.

Church of St. Casimir in the village of Vselyub

The church is ascetic in its architecture, belongs to the Western style. gothic. Over time, it was rebuilt and added features of other styles of architecture. The dominant position is occupied by a three-tier belfry tower (built much later - in 1897). The temple is approximately 24 meters long and 13 meters wide, covered with a gable roof.

Church in the agricultural town Vselyub

In Soviet times, the fate of the church was vague. The anti-religious policy was incompatible with the functioning of the temple. As a result, the church was half-abandoned. In 1986 there was a fire, which only aggravated the situation. Despite this, the long-awaited reconstruction began in 1988, and since 1991 the temple has become operational again.

Universal Church

Church of St. Casimir Vselyub

When you enter the Church of St. Casimir, you are truly surprised by its modest size and interior. But the doors of the temple are always open to everyone.

Church of St. Casimir altar

Church of the Universal Sculpture

O'Rourke tomb

The Church of St. Casimir is associated with another surname - O'Rourkov. In the cemetery, behind the temple, their family tomb has been preserved.

Tomb O'Rourke Vselyub

It was built approximately in 1837 (the tablet with the date has been preserved). During that period Joseph Orurk actively engaged in Vselyubom. rebuilt family estate (some buildings partially survived), financed the construction Church of St. Michael the Archangel.

Tomb of Orurkov Vselyub

The O'Rourke tomb itself is stone, according to the style of architecture - classicism. It consists of two levels: the upper one is the chapel, and the lower one is the crypt. Judging by the photographs of 2000-2010, it was abandoned for a long time. In 2017, the pediment and roof were destroyed, they were replaced with a wooden version.

Cemetery in the agricultural town Vselyub

There are some interesting sculptures in the cemetery. Pay attention to the sculpture of the saint without a head.

Vselyub Belarus

The church in the agricultural town of Vselyub is easy to find, turn right in the center (seen from afar).

What else to see in this region? At 20 kilometers - Novogrudok, former capital of ON. And if you go to the east, then they are waiting for you ruins of the estate in Vereskovo и Lubcha Castle.


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