In the agricultural town Volpa preserved interesting wooden Church of Saint John the Baptist. This temple was solemnly consecrated 10 March, 1773 years. The construction itself was carried out from 1753 on the money of Józef Kossakowski and through the efforts of the bishop Yana Nepomuk.

Church of St. John the Baptist Volp

Outwardly, the church in Volpe is quite simple and without any special decorative frills. Its uniqueness in carved altar, which was presented to the parish by Kazimir Lev Sapieha. This altar was located in the old church, which stood here before the construction of a new church.

Church of St. John the Baptist Volp

The church is an architectural monument of wooden folk architecture. The main facade is distinguished by high two-level towers and a risalit with a classic triangular pediment (*pro architectural terms).

Volpa wooden church of the 18th century

Church in the agricultural town of Volpa

Church of St. John the Baptist (in some sources - Saint John the Baptist) single-nave, rectangular in shape, apsidal. On both sides of the building are adjacent five-sided sacristy.

Wooden temple in Volpa

Church of St. John the Baptist in Volpa

The roof of the temple is double-pitched, broken.

Catholic churches of Belarus - Volpa

The church area is modest. From the back side comes the local cemetery, where the Peter and Paul Church и chapel-tomb of Kretovichi.

Wooden churches of Belarus Volpa

To the right of the entrance to the church 1858 year built Bell tower. Its lower tier is made of rubble stone, and the upper one is made of wood.

Belfry in Volpe

At the end of the 19th century Volpovsky church was reconstructed. The temple is active and open to all comers. If possible, try to go inside to see the altar. Quite a curious fact: the temple, apparently, has not been closed or destroyed in its long history, which rarely happened on the territory of Belarus.

Volpa, Belarus

It is not difficult to find this attraction, the church is located on the main street of the agricultural city of Volpa, just do not pass by.

If you are in these parts, then it is worth visiting the ruins. estates Zverovichi "Nemeyki".


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