high - a small but very interesting town. There is a rich historical heritage here and there is something to see. The main attractions are ruins of Sapieha castle, Potocki Palace, Bonifrat Monastery, Jewish heritage и Trinity Church.

What to see in Vysokoe

The first Catholic church dates back to the time of Vytautas, was made of wood, and then in 1603 year a stone version was built.

Trinity Church in Vysokoe

Then, in the first half of the 18th century, the Vysokovsky church was significantly rebuilt and acquired the features of baroque architecture. Subsequently, the temple will change more than once, which raises a big question about the exact date of its construction.

Trinity Church High

Before the war, the church had high three-tiered towers with spiers. The pediment was strikingly different - more complex features and decorative vases along the edges. All its baroque charm, as well as interior decoration, the temple lost in the Soviet period.

Old photo of the church in Vysokie
Photo from around 1936, source: radzima.org

Trinity Church in Vysokoe

In the 70s, the Trinity Church began to be used as a sports hall. After the collapse of the USSR, the temple was returned to believers, it was restored and re-opened for all those who are interested.

Trinity Church in Vysokoe

The church is located on Lenin Street (P85), it is clearly visible even at the entrance.

Not far from Vysokoe, a former Protestant church has been preserved and Tomb of the Grabovskys in the village of Novaya Ryasna.


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