The historical center of the village of Ruzhan is really rich in sights. Besides ancient synagogue and the monastery of Basilian, here is Trinity Church.

What to see in Ruzhany

The original version of the temple was laid back when Leo Sapieha at the end of the 16th century. However, the wooden church did not stand for long and already in 1615 year started building stone.

Ruzhany church

In 1768 year church in Ruzhany expanded noticeably. So from the north side completed Chapel of the Holy Cross. A decade later, a symmetrical chapel was erected on the south side. During the same period, the Saxon architect Jan Samuel Becker begins to rebuild the Trinity Church in a more classical style.

Trinity Church in Ruzhany

The next changes in the architecture of the temple took place in 1850, and then in 1891. The main dominant of the church is tall four-tiered tower with a spire. The facade of the temple is strict, the most striking detail is the entrance portal, decorated with a decorative portico and false columns.

Ruzhany attractions

Ruzhany church did not close even in Soviet times. As before, the monks of the Dominican order continue to serve here.

Trinity Church in Ruzhnakha Belarus

The gate of the Trinity Church is also interesting, highlighted by baroque niches.

Brama of the church in Ruzhany

Finding the church is not difficult, go to the center of the urban village, at the intersection of Sovetskaya and Krasnoarmeyskaya streets.

In Ruzhany you must visit Sapieha Palace. More places of interest and sights of Belarus on the map.

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