Probably the main and only association with Raubichi are winter sports. However, the history of this place is much older and began long before 1973 (the date the complex was built). And perhaps the only architectural monument reminiscent of this is the building Church of St. Matthew.


The construction of the first temple on this site is associated with the legend of gentry Lukash Khalyava. According to the legend, he saw divine images that showed him places where he could wait out a strong thunderstorm. In gratitude, Lukash decided to rebuild a wooden chapel - these events supposedly happened in the middle of the 17th century. In 1806, the church was rebuilt, then the village was named after the same gentry Khalyava.

Raubichi Belarus

The construction of a stone church in honor of St. Matthew began already in 1858. The work took about 4 years and was financed by Maria Tyshkevich and parishioners. The result was a monument of neo-Gothic architecture, the appearance of which was complemented by a unique "mountain" location.

Church of Raubichi

Church of St. Matthew in Raubichi

Unfortunately, the temple remained Catholic for only a few years - until 1866. After that, it was re-consecrated to the Assumption Church.

Beautiful Catholic Church of Belarus

Since 1873, the tract where the temple stands has been called Krestogorsk.

Neo-Gothic church in Raubichi

Church of St. Matthew Raubichi

In the first half of the 20th century, the church was again returned to the Catholics. However, she did not really have time to reopen her doors. Since 1930, the Soviet struggle with religion began, and then the war. Thus, the church in Raubichi was empty and destroyed until 1975, until it was restored.

Church of St. Matthew in Raubichi

They didn’t begin to reopen the Catholic parish here, but organized Museum of Belarusian Folk Art. It has been operating since 1979 and stores many interesting exhibits from various periods.

Old photo of the church in Raubichi

Old photo of the church in Raubichi

Former Church of St. Matthew located in Raubichi, not far from a large ski jump. It will be convenient to park in the parking lot of the complex and walk around on foot, the point with the location below.

In the direction of Logoisk, there is another worthy attraction - ruins of the Tyszkiewicz estate.



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