On the contrary old wooden pharmacy is Pruzhany church. A stone temple began to be built on the site of a wooden one in the middle of the 19th century. A Polish architect was invited to design the building Henrika Marconi. However, finish church in Pruzhany failed. After the uprising of 1863, the oppression of the Catholic faith began. So the unfinished building was handed over to the Orthodox Church.

Pruzhany church

Only 14 years later, in 1877, permission was received to complete the church. Work began in 1878, and in 1884 the temple was solemnly consecrated in honor of Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

Beautiful churches of Belarus Pruzhany

The Pruzhany church is low and towerless - this was one of the conditions for obtaining a building permit. The shape of the building is rectangular and belongs to the architecture neoclassicism. The most interesting part of the building is the main facade, which consists of two tiers.

Church in the city of Pruzhany

The church has been closed since March 1948. A little later, it was rebuilt into a local cultural center. During this time, the interior decor of the church was completely destroyed, and the old organ was sold for scrap. The building was returned to Catholics in February 1993. Almost immediately, reconstruction began, which lasted until 1998.

Catholic churches of Belarus photo

Today the church in Pruzhany is active and open to everyone. Located on the street Soviet 39.

There are also several other attractions worth visiting in the city: Shvykovsky's estate, shopping arcade "White benches" и cathedral. Not far from Pruzhany is abandoned estate Trembitsky.

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