A few kilometers from Volkovysk You can see Church of Saint John the Baptistwhich is located in the village Mstibovo. This temple was built at the beginning of the 20th century, on the site of a wooden predecessor. According to its architecture, it belongs to the Neo-Gothic style, which was especially popular at the time when the church was being built.

Church of St. John the Baptist in Mstibovo

In addition to the temple itself, it is worth paying attention to an interesting gate-bell towerwhich is made of yellow brick.

Quite a curious fact: the tower is older than the church and dates from 1900 year.

Unusual bell tower Mstibovo

It is believed that the Catholic parish was formed in Mstibovo at the end of the 15th century, in some sources there is another option - 1512 year.

And the first wooden temple was built in 1529 year. However, like subsequent buildings, it burned down during one of the many wars that took place on our lands.

Neo-Gothic church in Mstibovo

The church that we can see today began to be built with the money of parishioners in July 1910 years. They were able to complete the work only 12 years later, when the village of Mstibovo was part of Interwar Poland.

Mstibovsky church

Inside the church of St. John the Baptist is divided into three naves.

What does the church in Mstibovo look like inside

The central place in the interior is occupied by a neo-Gothic bunk altar of the Mother of God.

Altar in the Mstibovo church

The other three altars are much older and have been moved from the old wooden church.

Altar of the church in Mstibovo

Above the narthex is an organ.

Organ in Mstibovo

Externally, the church is really impressive: a complex pitched roof, high two-tier towers, buttresses along the perimeter of the building, arched elongated windows and many details that you only notice when walking around the territory.

Mstibovo church

For example, an unusual round turret adjoins the right sacristy, the purpose of which is immediately unclear.

Unusual temple architecture Belarus

The central façade is no less interesting; there is a triangular tent shield above the entrance, protruding beyond the main volume. With a stretch, it can even be called a kind of wimper, of enormous size.

Church of St. John the Baptist

The architecture of the gate-tower somewhere is out of harmony with the church, drawing attention to itself.

Mstibovo bell tower

The bell, which is placed on the upper tier, bears the name “saint john the baptist“. It was ordered by a priest with his own money Mark Burak, whom the fascist invaders shot in 1943 right in the temple.

Bell of Mstibovo

Mstibovo Volkovysky district

There is a small brick building behind the church. ossuaryalso built in the early 20th century.

Kostnitsa Mstibovo

The church is located in the very center of Mstibovo, a couple of minutes drive from the P99 highway. A point with coordinates is marked on the map.

Volkovysk region is rich in historical monuments. If you're in the area, it's worth a visit. Temple in Shilovichi and vintage church in Gniezno.

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