Nicholas Church in Mir began to build at the end of the 16th century. The original version of the temple was wooden, and when Mir castle passed into the possession of the Radziwills, Nikolai Sirotka decided to rebuild the church from stone. The new church in Mir was consecrated in 1605. The main architect of the project is Giovanni Maria Bernardoni (by the way, he was involved in the creation Farny Church in Nesvizh).

Mirsky Church of St. Nicholas

Church in Mir aerial photo

After the defeat of the uprising in 1863, the church was closed, and the building was converted into an Orthodox church. A little later, in 1876, work was done to rebuild the tower, probably then the onion dome was built on.

What did the onion dome of the church in Mir look like?
zdymak zrobleny priblizna ў most a patch of 20 stagodzі

At the turn of the First World War, representatives of Catholics in the World planned to rebuild a new temple, but further events developed rapidly and construction was never started.

church in the world

church in the world

In 1918, the building was returned to the Catholics, and a few years later the appearance of the tower was restored. The temple remained active until 1940, then closed for almost half a century.

During this long time, the church stood empty and neglected, the condition of the building deteriorated significantly: the roof collapsed and the tower was partially destroyed.

Nicholas Church in Mir

The church was returned to the Catholics in the early 90s, and in 2001 restoration work began.

Today the temple is active and open to all comers.

Nicholas Church in Mir

church in the world

Interesting fact: during the construction of the church, giant bones, presumably of a mammoth, were discovered. For a long time they were put on public display in the temple, this is mentioned by Adam Mickiewicz in the book “Pan Tadeusz”.

What to see in Mir, Belarus?

The Church of St. Nicholas is located in the central part of the urban village, it is difficult to drive past, below is a point with a mark on the map:

Not far from these places is a curious village Polonechka. Along the way, you will see worthy sights: church in Bolshiye Zhukhovichi и wooden temple in Malye Zhukhovichi.



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