City Lida closely associated with castle of Gediminas, but there are other worthy attractions here, all located within walking distance. For example, one of these objects is an ancient Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.

What to see in Lida?

Construction of the temple began in 1765 and was completed 5 years later, in 1770. They were built next to the wooden predecessor church, founded back in 1387.

Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross in Lida

The original appearance of the church included two 3-tier belfry towers on either side of the pediment. True, back in 1821, during a fire, they were destroyed and were not restored.

Lida church

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The Church of the Exaltation of the Cross is a striking example of Baroque architecture of the 18th century. The walls of the temple are decorated with cornices, false columns and massive arched windows. On the sides of the building are small and rather modest sacristies. The figured pediment, divided by pilasters, deserves special attention.

Lida church

Under the cross, on the pediment, you can see the radiant delta - an eye in a triangle with outgoing rays, which is often mistaken for the symbol of the Masons.

Kascel at Lidze

It is assumed that he was responsible for the decoration and painting of the church Johann Glaubitz, – ancestor Vilna Baroque. There is no direct confirmation or refutation of this. There are eight altars inside the temple, the main one of which is decorated in the Rococo style.

Before the war, there was still a stone fence with a gate around the temple; they were dismantled already in the 50s. 

Lida church

Another interesting point in the history of the parish is that, unlike many churches in Belarus, the temple in Lida was not reconsecrated into the Orthodox Church and, apparently, was not even closed.

What to see in Lida

The church in Lida is operational and open to everyone; it is located in the very center of the city on Sovetskaya Street 2, below is a point with a mark:

If you are in these parts I recommend to go to Ivyeand on the way visit a village Lipnishki. More interesting places on our map.

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