On the regional highway P45 (Polotsk-Kotlovka) there are many interesting places, one of them is a village with a sonorous and pleasant name Konstantinovo. Main attraction - Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

Church of Konstantinovo Belarus

The construction of the stone temple began in the 20s of the 19th century. The work was funded Vladislav Pashkevich-Talakonsky, but it was not possible to complete the church completely. In spite of this, church in Konstantinovo opened and consecrated in 1826.

Church in Konstantinovo

Church of Konstantinovo

In architectural terms, the church is neoclassical, partly made of rubble stone.

Neoclassical church

Around the temple there is a fence and an ossuary, dating back to the end of the 19th century, and coming into a three-arch gate.

Konstantinovo gate

Brama in Konstantinovo

Konstantinovsky church It is also unique in that it continued to function and did not close even in Soviet times. For temples of Belarus - this is really a rare case.

Konstantinovo Belarus

To the right of the church you can see a small wooden building ex spittingwhich is now apparently abandoned. To replace it, a new stone house was built, which is more like a hotel or a cottage.

Plebania in Konstantinovo

church in Konstantinovo

If you go to the village of Konstantinovo, then along the way you can look into Shemetovo, Zasvir and of course in Svir.

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