In the village Drysvyaty you can see one of the most beautiful wooden churches Belarus. Church of Saints Peter and Paul began to build on the site of its predecessor in 1921. The work continued for quite some time, until 1929 years, after which the church was solemnly consecrated.

Beautiful churches of Belarus Drisvyaty

The church was designed Leon Witan-Dubeykovsky in the architecture of folk wooden architecture and features of modern style. The dominant place in the building is occupied by a high five-tiered tower, which is clearly visible even at the entrance to Drysvyaty. Please note that each subsequent tier of the tower is completely different from the previous one.


Church in the village of Drysvyaty

The church itself is rectangular in shape, without any special decorative elements, but it is located in a picturesque place on a hill.

Wooden church in the village of Drysvyaty

The Peter and Paul Church is completed with a five-sided apse with adjoining sacristies. The building is covered with a complex compound roof, with pitched forms.

Wooden church in Drysvyaty

The central entrance is highlighted by a portico on 4 narrow columns.

Church in Drisvyaty

The church in Drisvyaty operated until 1964, after which it was closed, and the building began to be used as a warehouse. In the early 90s, the temple was returned to believers, restored and reopened to everyone.

Church of Saints Peter and Paul in the village of Drisvyaty

It is located on a peninsula, a little away from the center of the village of Drisvyaty. To get to this attraction, move along Ozernaya street before turning to the lake, the church will be clearly visible.

In Drysvyaty there are церковь, which is also consecrated in honor of Saints Peter and Paul. If you are in these parts, I recommend to see the industrial monument of architecture - hydroelectric power plant "Friendship of Peoples".


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