village derevnoe (Derevnaya in some sources) was first mentioned in the 15th century as part of the possessions of the Gedigoldoviches. The main and most interesting attraction - Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. The temple is located in the very center of the village on the passing highway P54, connecting Columns и pershai. Church in Derevnaya presumably built in 1590, when these lands were owned by the Radziwills.

Church Wooden

Initially, it was a defensive temple (Calvinist collection), and at the turn of the 1630s it was rebuilt into a Catholic church. The three-tiered tower was added later, in the second half of the 17th century.

Church in the village Derevnoe

The church can be safely attributed to one of the most interesting places in the Stolbtsy district. Since the temple was repeatedly rearranged and reconstructed, it is difficult to single out a single architectural style. Here you can guess the features of both Gothic and Renaissance.

Brama church Wooden

In front of the entrance to the territory of the Church of the Virgin Mary, there is a typical fence made of rubble stone and a two-arch gate. These elements were built much later. To the right of the temple, bells are placed, it looks unusual.

Bells Wooden

church in Derevne


Church in Derevnaya

The temple is active, open to everyone, see the mark on the map:

If you are in these parts, we also recommend visiting church in the village of Shkolny, is located 15 kilometers from the village of Derevnoe. More sights of Belarus on the map.


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