Trinity Church in the village of Ishkold

ancient settlement Ishkold (often spelled Ishkold and on white Ishkaldz) is located in the Brest region, not far from the M1 highway. From attractions in Ishkold its useful to note Cath. Churchs Troitsky, which is included in the state list of historical and cultural values The Republic of Belarus. In addition, the temple is considered one of the oldest on the territory of Belarus (of those churches that have not been rebuilt and have been preserved almost in their original form).

Trinity Church in the village of Ishkold

Churches of Belarus Ishkold

Attention: if you plan to visit the church from Minsk, then please note that the exit from the M1 highway no. You need to leave in advance near the village of Ostrovki, or a little further through Petkovichi (for this, turn onto the P2 highway in a convenient place). Also, as an option, you can make a route to other attractions and leave in advance for the village of Mir. Then along the way you can see: Mir castle, Big и Small Zhukhovichi, palace и church in Polonechka.

Ishkold village

History of the church

The first mention of a Catholic church dates back to the 15th century. Church of the Holy Trinity in the town of Ishkold construction began in 1449. The work was carried out with money and with the support Nikolai Nemirovichwho owned these lands at that time. Historians agree that this temple was consecrated in 1470-71.

Ishkold church


A century later, the temple was re-consecrated as a Calvinist cathedral by order Nicholas Radziwill Cherny.

However, already in 1641 it was returned back to the Catholics. The Trinity Church was badly damaged during the Russian-Polish war of the 17th century and was significantly damaged. During the period of widespread closing of churches, a sad fate befell this temple. Since 1868, an Orthodox church has been functioning here.

Church in Ishkoldi

In the 20s of the last century, when Ishkold passed to Poland, the Catholic church began its activity again. In 1969, the Soviet authorities decided to close it. In the 1980s, the church was restored and again operates as a Catholic church.

The architecture of the church in Ishkoldi

The Trinity Church was built in the Gothic style. However, it differs significantly from similar temples in Western Europe. Despite the fact that the brick church seems quite massive, its architecture does not have an elevated central composition or sculptural decoration. The building is made in the shape of a rectangle and covered with a high gable roof. The apse of the temple is faceted.

The architecture of the church in Ishkoldi

Gothic elements can be found on the vaults, the main facade and the roof of the temple. Inside the church is divided into 3 naves thanks to 4 pillars. The history of the church in Ishkoldi was not the simplest, so the interior decoration has changed more than once.

Ishkold village Trinity church inside

To the left of the entrance to the church is a small belfry with a sculpture of the Virgin Mary. The stone fence and the entrance gate were built during the restoration period.

Sculpture of the Virgin Mary of Ishkold

Temple in Ishkoldi

From the village of Ishkold, you can drive towards the agricultural town of Snov, where the former manor Rdultovsky. Or go see 18th century church в Freely.

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