Being in the ancient city Pinsk, be sure to visit the unique Church of St. Charles Baromei on Kirov Street, 37. This temple was built at the turn of the Baroque and Classicism eras. His "stocky“In appearance with thick walls and underground passages, it is more like a defensive than a prayer building. Once upon a time Vladimir Korotkevich described the church like this:baroque toy that any city in Europe could be proud of".

Church of St. Charles Baromei in Pinsk

The history of the Pinsk church is very interesting. In 1695, a wooden temple was built here - a place of unification of secular priests-bartholomites from Italy (they were also called communist monks). It should be noted that during Grand Duchy of Lithuania such an association was found only in Pinsk.

Church in Pinsk old photo
1916 photo, source: Globus of Belarus

As you understand, the scarcity of information in the Soviet historical chronicle about the order of the Bartholomete monks is easily explained. Imagine priests living in a commune with a common budget and equality, who were also called in society communist priests? Of course, the atheistic regime of the Soviet Union did not need such comparisons.

Pinsk Church of Communist Monks

The history of the church in Pinsk

The stone building on the site of the wooden one began to be erected in 1770, and by 1782 the church was completed. Solemnly consecrated in 1784 as the name Saint Charles Baromei.

Church of St. Charles Baromei in Pinsk

Carl Baromey - a prominent figure in the counter-reformation era, the initiator of the creation of theological seminaries, later canonized. He came from a noble Italian family, was related to the Pope and was the Cardinal Bishop of Milan.

Sights of Pinsk - Church of St. Charles Baromey

By the end of the XNUMXth century, the activity of the Bartholomete priests faded away and ended with the last priest in 1836 Isidore Kontonoviche. For almost a quarter of a century, the church in Pinsk was empty and could even become a Lutheran church. In 1860, it was renovated and re-consecrated in Church of the Holy Trinity. Joined the parish since 1912 Church of the Virgin Mary.

Church of Charles Baromei in Pinsk

Sights of Pinsk - Church of St. Charles Baromey

After the Second World War, divine services continued in the temple, but in 1960 the church was closed by the Soviet authorities and gradually began to fall into disrepair.

Pinsk Church of the Communists

A kind of salvation of this architectural monument came in the form of the restoration of the building as a concert hall for organ music. In the ancient walls, with excellent acoustics, a digital organ of an American company is installed. Complete restoration was completed in the fall of 2013. Today, in the former church of St. Charles Baromei, organ music concerts are held, the box office is to the right of the main entrance through an unsightly extension. Schedule: mon.-sat. 9.00-18.00, lunch 13.00-14.00, day off - Sunday

Concert hall in Pinsk

Finding this attraction of Pinsk is not difficult, from the central pedestrian street a few minutes walk along Kirov and you are there, mark on the map:

If you are in Pinsk, be sure to visit Jesuit collegium и Butrimovich's palace.


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