Skidel is a city in the Grodno region, at a distance of 25 kilometers from Grodno. Known since 1501. Skidel is not rich in historical sights, the most interesting place is Church of the Virgin Mary.

Church of the Virgin Mary in Skidel

The church was built as a family chapel Antonovich-Chetvertinskywho had an estate in Skidel. Unfortunately, the manor house has not been preserved, only fragments of the park with a gate and part of the outbuildings.

What to see in Skidel

Skidelsky church made of red brick in neo-Gothic architectural style. It is believed that the construction work was completed by 1870.

Attractions Skidel

The facade of the church is framed by two small towers, stylized as medieval architecture. The pediment is decorated with 3 arched windows with decorative forging.

Church in Skidel

The church has not been active since 1939. During the Second World War, the military registration and enlistment office was located here, and after the building was empty. To believers, the Church of the Virgin Mary was returned after the collapse of the USSR in 1991.

Skidelsky church

A wooden bridge leads to the church. This gives the impression that the chapel is located on an island. There are many tall trees around that complement the mysterious image of this place.

Skidel what to see

Another significant plus is the remoteness from the residential buildings of Skidel. This creates a feeling of peace. The church is active, on Sundays it is open to all comers.

Skidel is the main attraction of the city

Church in Skidel

The temple is located across the street from the Old City Park, on Lenin Street.

If you are planning a trip to Skidel from Minsk, then on the way you can go to Shchuchin и Lida. In addition, there is a unique architectural monument not far from the M6 ​​highway. Belarus - defensive temple Murovanka.

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