Shchuchin A small but beautiful city with several noteworthy attractions. First - Shchuchinsky Palace, which can be read about in a separate article, and the second - Church of St. Teresa and the monastery of PR.

Church in Shchuchin

The history of the Catholic parish of Shchuchyn dates back to the 15th century, even then there was a church in the town. However, the temple that can be seen today was built much later at the PR monastery, which, by the way, existed here since 1718.

Klyashtar and kastzel at Shchuchyne

PR Order

The church was built in the period from 1826 to 1829, the work was carried out with the money of Francis Xavier from the Drutsky-Lubetsky family.

Church of St. Teresa Shchuchin


Almost immediately after the completion of construction, the national uprising of the 30s began, as a result of which the PR monastery and the church in Shchuchyn were closed. Unfortunately, a similar fate awaited many Catholic churches.

Temple in Shchuchin

After the liquidation of the monastery, the church was assigned the role of a parish church.

PR Monastery in Shchuchin

Since 1927, the Order of PR was restored and functioned until 1954. During the Soviet period, the temple in Shchuchyn was closed, the building was returned to Catholics only in 1989.

PR Monastery Shchuchin

The church and monastery of the PRs are operational and open to those interested. The monastery building itself was restored in 2009; together with the Church of St. Teresa, they form a single ensemble.

Sights of the city of Shchuchin

The main difference between PR monks and traditional Catholic monks is their vow to care for and educate children and youth. It is interesting that on the territory of modern Belarus, the order was considered small and, apart from Shchuchin, their monasteries were only in Lida и Polotsk.

Shchuchinsky church

Shchuchinsky church made in the style of classicism, the main entrance is highlighted by a four-column portico with a small square window above the door.

city ​​of Shchuchin

The church is conveniently located in the very center of Shchuchin, on Sovetskaya Street, 1. Across the street from it, there is an Orthodox Church of Saint Michael the Archangel.

Not far from Shchuchin is the legendary farmstead Zheludok, as well as unusual church in the village of Rozhanka. See others sights of Belarus on the map.

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