Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary located in the historical center of the city Zaslavl. It is a monument of late baroque architecture. Zaslavsky church was built in 1774 on the initiative of Anthony Przezdetsky, rebuilt in 1868.

Zaslavsky church

In the second half of the XNUMXth century, the temple was closed by the authorities, re-consecrated into an Orthodox church and significantly rebuilt.

Zaslavl Church Belarus

At the request of local residents, the ancient image of the Mother of God, which adorned the main altar, was preserved in the temple. The name of the temple remained unchanged - the Nativity of the Virgin.

Church of Zaslavsky Belarus

The Orthodox Church functioned until 1941, during the war the church was badly damaged and was empty for a long time. The Zaslavsky temple was returned to the Catholics in 1998, it was under restoration until 2010. Today the church is active and open to all comers.

Church in the city of Zaslavl

Also in the city of Zaslavl is located Transfiguration Church.

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  1. There is a legend that a treasure is buried under this church. In 1989, cleanup work was carried out on the territory of the church, and a tractor that was raking out garbage fell into an underground void. Eyewitnesses thought that this was the dungeon where treasures were buried, but their expectations were not met: only an old bottle of wine was found underground.

  2. ehh..not enough information on such an amazing and unique masterpiece of historical and architectural memory :/ I heard that there are underground passages in the church, in which there are caches with treasures..These are legends. But after all, every legend has real facts behind it ...


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