The central attraction of the urban village of Ross - Trinity Church early 19th century. However, the history of this temple begins earlier - back in 1770, under the then owner of Rossi - Joachim Potocki. It was he who ordered the construction of a new stone church to replace the old wooden one.

Trinity Church in the urban village of Ross

On July 12, 1808, the church in Russia was solemnly consecrated by priest Franciszek Cybulski. The construction work went on for a really long time, with long interruptions, and as a result took about 30 years. But the temple turned out to be at least unusual by the standards of classical architecture.

Church in the village of Ross, Belarus

Worthy of special attention bell tower to the right of the main entrance. Similar structures in Belarus very little.

What to see in the urban village of Ross?

The two-tiered bell tower was built in 1914 year. In its form and architecture, it partially echoes the church, but it also has its own eclectic features: arched openings, decorative design and, of course, a concave facade.

Tower of the Trinity Church in the village of Ross

Belfry in the urban village of Ross

Unlike the tower, the facade of the church looks austere and a bit empty. The entrance is decorated only with a triangular sandrik, above which is a frieze with a complex cornice. The facade composition ends with an attic pediment with a semicircular window.

Church in Russia, Belarus

On the reverse side of the temple there is a small apse above which there is also a semicircular window, but much larger.

Church apse

For its more than 200 years of history, the Church of the Holy Trinity was not closed, even during the Soviet period, during the active struggle against religion.

Trinity Church in the urban village of Ross

The church is located on Karl Marx street in the very center of the urban village, below the mark with a dot on the map:

In the neighborhood with the Catholic is located and Orthodox church, and in the old cemetery you can see neo-romanesque chapel the last owner of Russia along the Pototsky line.

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