On the right upper bank of the Neman River is located Church of the Finding of the Holy Cross (in some sources the Church of the Finding of the Holy Cross) at the Bernardine monastery. This majestic complex amazes with its beauty. First of all, the unusual architectural solution is fascinating, because the church and the monastery are made in the styles of three changing eras: Renaissance, baroque и Gothic.

The main sights of Grodno - the Church of the Finding of the Holy Cross

Sights of Grodno - Church of the Finding of the Cross

The history of the architectural complex takes us back to the end of the 15th century, when a wooden monastery of the Bernardine Order was built in Grodno. The construction of the temple probably began during the same period. The memorial plaque indicates that the church was consecrated on May 13, 1618 by Bishop Evstafiy Volovich of Vilnius.

Church in Grodno 2014
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Over its long history, the Bernardine complex was rebuilt several times, sometimes after fires and wars, sometimes by decision of Grodno managers.

Church of the Bernardines in Grodno

After the 50s of the 19th century, the Bernardine monastery was liquidated, the monks' residential buildings were given over to the needs of the tsarist army, and the church became an ordinary parish church.

Bernardine Monastery in Grodno

Despite this, we can say that the Bernardine church was very lucky - they did not rebuild it into an Orthodox church, as they did with Faroi Vytautas, or completely destroy, as was the case with Church of Our Lady of the Rosary.

kostyol_obretenia v grodno poshyk info

During the Second World War, the church was badly damaged, but fortunately it was restored quite quickly - by 1946.

Catholic church and Beranardine monastery in Grodno

kostel obretenia d grodno

From 1990 to this day, the Higher Theological Seminary has been located in the monastery complex. The Church of the Finding of the Holy Cross is one of the main attractions of Grodno, along with Old и New Castles, Church of the Saint Francis Xavier и Kolozha church.

If possible, be sure to look into one of the oldest Catholic churches not only in Grodno, but throughout Western Belarus. The church is beautiful both inside and out; it offers a magnificent view from the left bank of the Neman.

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