The central attraction of the agro-town Novodevyatkovichi - This is the Peter and Paul Church and the ruins of the bell tower. The construction of the temple was carried out at the end of the 18th century by order of Tadeusz Sliznya and his wife Sophia Chetvertinskaya. The project was carried out by the architect Antonio Kzhechotti, whose work resulted in an unusual baroque church with an abundance of interesting elements.


The temple that can be seen today is strikingly different from the original version and greatly simplified in terms of architecture - all this is the result of the restructuring of 1872. Then the marble columns were knocked down from the facade, the high tower was demolished and the sculptures were removed.

The then owner estate Devyatkovichi, Alfred Sluzen, actively tried to return the temple built by his ancestors, but all his written statements received a tacit refusal.

Church of Saints Peter and Paul in Novodevyatkovichi

From 1866 to 1921 the temple was Orthodox, and then until 1939 again Catholic. During the Second World War, the church remained active for a short time, but in 1944 the building was set on fire. Local residents restored it on their own, but services were no longer held here since 1947, a warehouse for mineral fertilizers was equipped within the walls of the Novodevyatkovichi Church.

Novodevyatkovichi Belarus

In the early 2000s, modest attempts began to restore the old church, which was once built as a family chapel-tomb of the Slug family.

Foundation stone Novodevyatkovichi

Special attention deserves Bell tower, built simultaneously with the church in 1790. The tall building can be safely called the dominant feature of the Novodevyatkovichi agro-town.

Ruins in Novodevyatkovichi

The bell tower consists of 3 tiers, earlier a fence made of rubble stone adjoined its walls. The architecture of this building is rather atypical - the transition from baroque to classicism.

What to see in Novodevyatkovichi?

Ruins of the Novodevyatkovichi bell tower

A little further from this place you can see the ancient cemetery, where the ruins of 2 chapels have been preserved - the clans of Slugs and Kollupailo.


If you drive from Slonim along the H6348 road, then the temple will be immediately at the entrance to the agricultural town, below is the point with the location on the map:

If you are in these parts, I recommend adding to the route Ruzhany Palace и Kossovo castle.

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