Perhaps the main historical attraction in the city Mstislavl - is church and former Carmelite monastery. The monks of the Carmelite order settled on these lands in the early 17th century. In 1617, work began on the construction of a stone Church of the Virgin Mary (some sources indicate that the church was built in 1637-38).

Carmelite Monastery in Mstislavl

The place for the future church was the foot Castle Hill.

Church in the city of Mstislavl

In the middle of the 17th century, Mstislavl was captured by Moscow troops. The monastery is partially destroyed, and most of the monks of the order are killed. Based on these bloody events, two frescoes were created: “The capture of Mstislavl by Moscow troops in 1654" and "The murder of priests».

Church of the Carmelites in Mstislavl

In 1746, the reconstruction of the church in Mstislavl began. One of the brightest representatives of the Vilna Baroque was responsible for the work - Johann Christoph Glaubitz. It was at that time that the temple acquired new features in its architecture (a mixture of baroque and rococo).

What to see in Mstislavl

Church and monastery in Mstislavl

Another significant reconstruction took place in 1887.

Monastery and church in Mstislavl

In the Soviet period, the church was used for household needs - a vegetable warehouse was located here. According to rumors, cucumbers were salted within the walls of the already former Carmelite monastery.

Mstislavl Belarus

In the 90s, the Mstislavsky church began to be restored, but it was still not possible to complete the internal restoration work. Inside the temple, scaffolding still stands today, covering ancient frescoes.

Carmelite Monastery: Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

Carmelite Monastery: Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

Church of the Virgin Mary in Mstislavl not the only attraction worth visiting. Nearby you can see another ancient temple - Church of St. Michael the Archangel. Opposite which an eclectic building has been preserved former men's gymnasium.

Sights of Belarus Mstislavl

Carmelite Church located a little away from the center, on the street Kirova 4see the mark on the map.

A few kilometers from Mstislavl preserved ruins of the massive church of St. Onuphrius. More interesting places in Belarus.


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