The main attraction of the agro-town Kamenka, Shchuchinsky district, is Church of St. Anthony of Padua. The high temple, built in the first half of the 20th century, powerfully rises above the village and is visible for several kilometers at the entrance.

Church in Kamenka, Shchuchinsky district

The Catholic parish in Kamenka was founded in 1580 by Kasper Klodinsky and in the same years the first wooden church was already built.

By the end of the 16th century, the town was owned by Peter Nonhart (his name is associated with manor-fortress in Gaytyunishki), and from him the lands were transferred to the representatives of the noble family of Tyzengauz.

Cascel of St. Anthony of Padua Kamenka

The old wooden church was dismantled by 1904, and by 1908 work was completed on the construction of a new neo-Gothic church.

Gate of the Kamenka church

The dominant position in the architecture is occupied by a high bell tower with a rose window and a sculpture of the Virgin Mary.

Church of St. Anthony in the village of Kamenka

Sights of the Shchuchinsky district

Along the perimeter of the building are massive buttresses with high arched windows.

Beautiful Catholic Church of Belarus

Neo-Gothic architecture of Belarus

The church ends with a narrow 5-sided apse with two adjoining sacristies.

What does the apse of the church look like?

Jozef Farbotko's grave in the village of Kamenka

Near the fence, on the territory of the temple, there is a rather interesting composition of three sculptures.

Unusual sculptures in Kamenka

To the right of the entrance to the church, pay attention to the brick ossuary.

Ossuary Kamenka

Catholic church in the village of Kamenka

Anthony's Church is located in the very center of the agricultural town of Kamenka, below is a point with the location on the map:

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