In the Grodno region there is a rather unusual architectural monument - a rare example when an Orthodox church was rebuilt into a church. As you know, after 1863, basically the opposite happened: Catholic churches were closed, and then they were rebuilt according to Orthodox canons. In the village Golynka, located on the very border with Poland, the reverse happened.

Exaltation of the Cross Church in the village of Golynka

The Orthodox church, built in the middle of the 19th century on the site of the old Uniate church, had rather typical features for that time. Similar churches were found throughout Belarus and in the common people were called "Ants". They were built according to the same projects of the retrospective-Russian style and conditionally consisted of 4 parts: a bell tower with a vestibule, a service room, a square-shaped main hall and the entire ensemble ended with an apse.

Church in the village of Golynka

Holy Cross Church in Golynka rebuilt from St. Michael's Church in 1922. As a result, the temple acquired the features of classical architecture. During these works, the bell tower was completely changed, sacristies with triangular pediments were completed, and the volume of the apse was increased. Above the entrance to the church appeared the symbol of the Holy Trinity - the "radiant delta", and on the next tier of the tower - a beautiful arched stained glass window.

What to see in the Grodno region?

Golynka, Grodno region, Holy Cross Church

The Golynksky church was closed in 1947, after which it was empty for a long time. Returned to believers only at the very end of the 80s and then restored. Today it is active and open to everyone.

Golynka village in the Grodno region

The temple is located in the border zone, so if you plan a trip to these parts, be sure to take your passport with you. Below is a point with the location of attractions on the map:

I recommend at the same time to see the Valovichi palace and park complex in Svyatsk, which is now being actively restored and at the same time list of unusual sights of Grodno.

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