Deep is a city in the Vitebsk region, about 160 kilometers from Minsk by regional road (M3-P3). The city has been known since the beginning of the 15th century, so there is something to see here. The main attractions that are conveniently located in the center are Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin и Trinity Church. In this article, we will dwell on the history and description of the Catholic church in more detail.

Church Glubokae

Construction works Trinity Church started in 1764 and finished 18 years later, in 1782. A church already existed on the site of this temple, which it was decided to rebuild from scratch. The new church is built in the late baroque architectural style.

Church in the city of Glubokoye

Trinity Church in Glubokoye

On the opposite side of the square there was a monastery of the Carmelite order, which the Soviet authorities decided to close in 1878. At that time, the Trinity Church remained the only Catholic church in the city of Glubokoe.

Church in Deep Belarus

Trinity Church in Glubokoe
This is what the temple looks like after completion of work for 2022

Probably there was not enough space for all the parishioners and at the beginning of the 20th century the expansion of the church began.

As a result, the one-nave temple turned into a three-nave one with features Vilna Baroque. The main facade has partially retained its original appearance of the 18th century, but the towers have grown by several tiers.

Church Deep old photo
This is how the temple looked until 1902. Photo from the Globus of Belarus website, author presumably Balzukevich Boleslav

Trinity Church Deep

Since 2019, a major overhaul was carried out: the roof was changed and the entire temple was repainted. The renovated church is now a classic white color with a dark roof. (previously yellow with red roof)

Trinity Church in Glubokoe

In Soviet times, services in the church continued to take place, the temple is active and open to all comers.

Trinity Church Glubokoe town

Glubokoe temple is located in the historical center of the city, on Sovetskaya street.

It will be interesting to see in Glubokoe Chapel of Saint Elijah и memorial column in honor of the Constitution of the Commonwealth. If possible, try to go to mosar и Destiny, there you will find ancient churches.


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