Village Germanovichi It was mentioned in chronicles as early as the middle of the 16th century as the possession of Sapieha Ikaznensky. From them, the estate passed to Baron Gilsen (this family had a family residence in Osvey). Then the Germanovichs got Ignatius Shirin, who from the petty gentry broke out into one of the richest landowners in the region. It is with his name that the construction of the main attraction is associated - Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord.

Beautiful churches of Belarus, Germanovichi

The Catholic Church is made in the architectural style vilno baroque and finished by 1787 year. The church was also built as a family tomb of the Shirins, it was here in 1796 that Ignatius was buried (and then his wife).

Catholic church in Germanovichi, Vitebsk region

The Germanoviches were inherited by their youngest son - Yustian Shirin, at which, by the way, the manor-palace was completed. Justian took after his father with entrepreneurial spirit and continued his initiatives for the development of the region. Under him, in 1826, another church was built - Holy Apostles Paul and Peter in New Germanovichi. This temple took over the function of the family tomb and it is there that all the Shirins will be buried. Unfortunately, this chapel has not survived to this day, it was dismantled in 1926.

Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord in Germanovichi

An interesting fact: in one of the towers of the temple you can see a bell cast back in 1788 year - almost the same age as the church itself. According to local legend, before the church was closed in 1948, the inhabitants of Germanovichi removed the bell and buried it somewhere in the area. This was done to protect the ancient artifact from vandalism. This relic returned to its rightful place only 50 years later, when the church was re-consecrated.

Germanovichi ancient church of the Transfiguration of the Lord

Church in Germanovichi single-nave with rich interior decoration and high five-tiered towers. Outwardly, it is somewhat reminiscent of a mixture of temple architecture in Meadows и Dyatlovo.

Ancient church in the village of Germanovichi

The facade is decorated with a complex pediment, which is a gable under which there is a classical portico.

Germanovichi, Vitebsk region

The Germanovichi temple has a semicircular apse with small sacristies adjoining it.

Ancient churches of Belarus - Germanovichi

The church is the dominant feature of the agro-town, the attraction is visible for several kilometers at the entrance. Below is the location on the map:

In Germanovichi, it will be interesting to see the restored Shirinov estate, which now houses a museum. On the way to these parts, I also recommend stopping by mosar and visit Catholic church in Udel.


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