Grodno is not in vain recognized as one of the most beautiful cities of Belarus. A special pride and a real hallmark of the city is considered to be Church of Francis Xavier. Among the locals, the name has taken root - farny church.

The main attraction of Grodno is the Church of Francis Xavier

The Cathedral is located in the heart of the old city, where the main sights of Grodno are concentrated.

Church of Saint Francis Xavier

Nearby is main synagogue, Church of the Finding of the Cross, theater, old и new locks and many other interesting places.

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The history of the Jesuit monastery and the construction of the church

The Jesuits settled in Grodno with the consent and support of the king Stefan Batory. In 1585 year a monastery was founded and the formation of the future architectural complex began.

The main attraction of Grodno is the Church of Francis Xavier

The original temple on this site was small and wooden, making up only a small part of the Jesuit collegium. The idea of ​​building a large-scale Catholic church came to the end of the 17th century.

Grodno farny church

It was decided to start building a temple in honor of one of the most successful missionaries who managed to conquer many countries in Africa and Asia - Ignatius Loilo Francis Xavier. Completion of construction and grand opening took place in 1705 year.

The area around the Grodno Farny Church was gradually built up. In the end, it turned into a whole Jesuit quarter, which also included outbuildings, a pharmacy, a collegium and a library.


Unfortunately, most of the buildings have not survived. A notable exception is the building pharmacies, next to the church.

Pharmacy next to the church in Grodno

The monastic buildings also partially survived. old and new collegium. However, today they house a correctional institution in the city of Grodno, as you understand, access here is closed.

photo church of the Franciscans

Architecture and interior decoration

Church of Francis Xavier in Grodno made in baroque style with elements of rococo. The modern church is framed by 2 bell towers.

Church of the Jesuits in Grodno

Particular attention should be paid to the clock mechanism built into one of the towers. This watch is considered one of the oldest not only in Belarus, but also in Europe. You can also find out the time from them now - the clock is running again after the restoration in 1987.


Going inside the Cathedral of St. Francis Xavier, you immediately pay attention to the most beautiful altar.

The main altar of the Church of St. Xavier in Grodno

The 21-meter altar impresses with its grandeur and decoration. It is decorated with various sculptures and many small details: wooden columns of iconostasis, frescoes in the vaults and niches of the altar.

Farny Church in Grodno

One of the tallest and largest baroque altarpieces can be viewed endlessly. It was completed by 1738 according to the design of a Prussian sculptor. In total, there are 13 altars of various shapes and sizes in the church of Francis Xavier.

Church altar in Grodno

Church altars in Grodno

In December 1990, Pope John Paul II granted the Grodno church the status Minor Basilica, and since April 1991, the church has become a cathedral. There are only three temples with the status of “Small Basilica” in Belarus. In addition to Grodno, this status is Budslav temple и Church of the Virgin Mary in Pinsk.

Commemorative plaque to King Stefan Batory in Grodno

Grodno Basilica is located on the street Karl Marx, 4A.

Cathedral of Saint Francis Xavier - one of the main attractions that you should definitely look into.


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