First mention church in Dzerzhinsk (at that time the city was called Koydanovo) in written sources dates back to 1439. The temple was repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt. The look we see today Church of St. Anne purchased in 1785 year, after another recovery from the fire.

Church in Dzerzhinsk

Apparently, the reason for the frequent destruction was the use of flammable materials in the construction, mainly wood.

church in Dzerzhinsk

Church of St. Anne in Derzhinsk was built in a mixed architectural style and is a three-aisled basilica. Two towers rise above the facade, which were built during the last renovation of the temple. In the features of the church you can see the features of classicism and baroque.

Church of St. Anne in Dzerzhinsk

After World War II, the church, like many religious buildings, ceased to be the center of Catholicism in the city. The House of Culture was located within its walls, and later there was a children's music school.

church of st anne

temple in koidanovo

The 1990s gave the church a new life. It was restored and soon opened to believers. In 2020, the overhaul of the wooden temple began. They are actively changing the roof and windows, re-sheathing the walls, even rebuilding the turrets.

Dzerzhinsk church

Churches of Belarus Dzerzhinsk

One of the oldest wooden churches in Belarus is located in Dzerzhinsk, on the street May Day 59.

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