Dunilovichi is an agro-town in Postavy district, Vitebsk region. Located on the P110 highway, between the cities Deep и Postavy. The settlement was mentioned in chronicles as early as the middle of the 15th century, and over the course of its long history, this place was owned by dozens of famous families. Among them: Golshansky, Radziwill, Dolmat-Isaykovsky and many others. The main attraction in Dunilovichi - Trinity Church, which is discussed in more detail in this article.

Church in the village Dunilovichi

The history of the temple is closely connected with the Dominican order, it was at their monastery that the construction of the church began.

Trinity Church Dunilovichi

The Dominican monastery in Dunilovichi was founded with the support of the then owners of these lands Elzbieta and Christopher Belozorov. The construction of the temple began in 1769 and was completed 4 years later.

Trinity Church in Dunilovichi

Dunilovichi Church is a monument of baroque architecture with features of classicism style. Separately, it is worth noting the towers, which end with hemispherical domes. For churches, such a decision is quite rare.

temple towers

In the middle of the 19th century, since 1843, the Dunilovichi were owned by Tyszkiewicz. Their manor estate has not survived to this day. On the outskirts of the agro-town there are ruins of outhouses and ice houses. After the uprising of 1860, the Trinity Church went to the Orthodox Church, and the monastery of the Dominican Order was liquidated. The temple was partially remade, onion domes appeared.

Churches of Belarus

A small wooden chapel was built for Catholics (not preserved).

Churches in the Vitebsk region Dunilovichi

Around the church there is a low fence and a brick gate with forged gates. Presumably built in 1887.

Brama in Dunilovichi

Above the entrance is an interesting stucco composition from the Bible.

Photo temple in Dunilovichi

Another notable feature of the church is the two-tiered altar.

Dunilovichi Vitebsk region

In 1927, when the Dunilovichi were part of Poland, the church building was returned to the Catholics.

Dunilovichi Belarus

In wartime, the territory of the Dunilovichi was occupied, the church did not operate and was closed for a long time. During the Soviet period, the temple was abandoned until the early 90s, when a long reconstruction began.

Catholic church in Dunilovichi

Today the church in Dunilovichi is open to everyone.

Not far from the agricultural town you can visit Church of St. Tadeusz in the village of Luchay. see also tours in Belarus.


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