The main attraction in the agricultural town Druya - it's old Trinity Church together with the corps of the former monastery the Bernardine Order. Back in the first half of the 17th century, by the decision of the then owner Kazimir Lev Sapieha, Bernardine monks were invited to Druya. At his own expense 1643 year work begins on the construction of a baroque church and a residential building.

Former monastery in Druya

The place for the construction of the monastery was chosen well - a hill on the banks of the Western Dvina. Nearby was the Druya ​​castle and the main road leading to the city.

The church together with the monastery building forms a single whole. The external architecture is quite strict and without any special decorative frills, which reflects the style of the early Baroque.

Druya, Vitebsk region

The church itself is a three-aisled basilica with beautiful interior decoration, which in terms of style refers to the architecture of rococo and late baroque. The abundance of paintings and pilasters on the walls, the rich decoration and the high vaults of the central nave leave a truly strong and pleasant feeling from being in this temple.

What does the church in Druya ​​look like inside?

The architecture of the church in Druya

By order of the authorities, the Bernardine monastery was closed in 1852, but the church building was not taken away from the Catholics, leaving it as a functioning parish church.

Druja Church and Bernardine Monastery

Each altar in the Druisky church is a real work of art. The central one dates back to the middle of the 18th century.

Altar of the Trinity Church in Druya

The four side altars, the younger ones, date from 1779.

Trinity Church Druya

What the Trinity Church in Druya ​​looks like

During its long history, the church has seen many events, some of which have influenced its architecture. So the high four-tier bell tower was completed to the main volume in 1772.

Sights of the city of Druya

The gate of the monastery complex was built in 1778.

Brama of the church in Druya

At the beginning of the 20th century, monks settled within the walls of the monastery. marian order. They were mainly engaged in educational activities; through their efforts, a school was opened in 1924 (later it became a gymnasium).

Catholic Church of Druya

During the war, the entire complex was badly damaged. Some sources even contain information that the church was directly hit by an artillery shell, which seriously damaged the walls.

Beautiful churches of Belarus Druya

Since 1947, various educational institutions have been operating on the basis of the former monastery. First, the Druya ​​Agricultural School, then a branch of the Polotsk Technical School, and then the College of Land Reclamation. The church was returned to believers in 1989 - the building was awaiting a long restoration, which largely affected the interior decoration.

Monastery and church in Druya

The unique architectural monument is located almost in the very center of the agricultural town, just behind the former manor of Milose. Below is the location on the map:

Druya ​​is rich in interesting places. See also Ruins of the Church of Saints Peter and Paul, look to Church of the Annunciation, inspect the historical buildings of the center, try to find the place where ancient synagogue.

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